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Saturday, May 15

Gapers Block

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Now, I love playing the yenta. I attribute this to an adolescent love of the musical ďHello, DollyĒ about a Yonkers, NY matchmaker, played on Broadway by Carol Channing and in the film by Barbra Streisand. I liked Barbra Streisandís Gibson Girl hairdo and decided that I, too, should be a matchmaker.

Iíve had some successes, few of which have resulted in long-term relationships, but I have prodded a few friendships into bloom--as well as many a dancefloor hook-up. So, at this Fridayís Gapersí Block Party, I really had hoped to flap my flappy wings and make some magic happen. But we indie stars, we arenít the in-your-face, grind-on-the-dance-floor kind of crowd.

Some party attendees were indeed wookiní pa nub via Gapersí Block Missed Connections, but I took the liberty to observe glances fraught with meaning across the crowded room and wrote my classies thus.

Enjoy, Blockers. It was a fun time.

You Were There
Youíre shining, gorgeous--fucking gorgeous--in the candlelight. And in these hip-hop, trip-hop beats, youíre my deepest, most passionate lust. Fuck me with your mighty dorsal fin, you sailfish. But oh! There are several other sailfish in the room! To which one of you, perchance, do I refer?

Signed Lady in Red

Youíre short, and Iím into that. What I like about you is that youíre so focused on the task at hand--clearing tables. Iíd like someone to bus my glasses, if you know what I mean.


What Initially Turned my head are your amazing, boyish good looks. I love your cowboy-cum-b-boy attire. I love the Western shirt, love the ďAll Day I Dream About Sex!Ē shoes. P.S. Iím a girl.


Hey, I Hope you saw me. Iím the guy with the blonde, Tom Selleck moustache. Iím studying English and I love to conjugate. Wink!


We Spilled On You
Um, Yeah. We spilled a beer on you. We said it was an accident, but it wasnít. And we normally wouldnít own up to it, but, well, weíre doing this spiritual cleansing thing. So, yeah, sorry about those wet pants. Nice butt, though. And nice husband.


Guy With Hat
I canít decide if you look like the bad guy from ďPoltergeistĒ or the weird guy from REM. Nevertheless, love the chapeau.


Love Your Hair
Andrew: I donít want you (in that way) but I want you to teach my boyfriend how to style his hair.

Signed, Miss Mousse Lover

I Heart You
You brushed up against me while waiting to talk about grandma. We later chatted in front of the bathroom. Cute hair. Cute eyes. Coffee sometime? Champagne later?



Overheard at the party:

"Sorry, I shot off early."

"Nothing says 'hot cock' like a set of smiling mugs."

"Kudzu Grenade!"

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