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Sunday, December 21

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The Grid

Arkansas Red and His Listeners


Brian Ashby & Ben Kolak


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A New Tower on the River?

Jeanne Gang's next building project might be Chicago's third-tallest building proposed by Chinese developer Wanda Group and Chicago's Megellan Development Group.

Get the Ribbon Cutter Ready

Major progress has been made on the 606 (aka Bloomingdale Trail), with most of the road paved and bridges raised along the 2.7-mile route.

Gate-Crasher Supreme

Get to know James Leo "One-Eye" Connelly, world-champion gate-crasher.

Get Your Meter Running

A calendar of scantily-clad (and one full-nude) cabbies is raising money for a federal lawsuit against the City to make it treat cab drivers more like city employees.

Grand Theft with Auto

Thieves are using cars as battering rams to smash through glass storefronts and steal as much as they can in a matter of minutes in "crash-and-grab" burglaries.

GB Gift Guide: Last Minute Shoppers

Need something one-of-a-kind and locally made for Christmas? Get it Saturday at one of two (or both!) local craft shows going on (that won't have lines waiting to get inside). Check out The Hideout for their annual Last Chance Holiday Sale or The Empty Bottle for their Last Dash Xmas Bash. Bonus: both venues have full bars, so you can sip while you shop!

Real Chicago PD Drama

While an arbitrator is deciding whether decades of complaints filed against cops will be made public, a United Nations committee expressed support for a resolution in City Council that would pay reparations to victims of torture during the Jon Burge era.

What We're Searching For

Chicago's top five Google searches of 2014 were Robin Williams, World Cup, iPhone 6, Ebola and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

GB Gift Guide: Creepy Cute

If you need something special for someone with a sick sense of humor, Grody Moments, Precious Moments-style figurines given a gory makeover, might do the trick.

No More Free Parking

Three politically connected companies will no longer have free access to city-owned parking lots near the United Center, where they've parked cars for years without paying rent.


“This appears to be the latest in a long series of moves over time to help ensure that incumbents -- especially incumbent state legislators -- need not face any opposition on the general election ballot.”

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Under the Hood


Chicago Fire Winter Transfer Season Breakdown

by Benjamin Cannon


Stump Connolly Reporting: Rahm's Virtual Reality Rally

by Stump Connolly

Book Club

Last Chance to Catch the Marrow in 2014

by John Wawrzaszek

Drive Thru

Friday Foodpic: Chanukah Chocolate

by Robyn Nisi


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies & The Babadook

by Steve Prokopy


On Elected School Boards and Horseshoes

by Phil Huckelberry


The Wrong Bear Is Losing His Job

by Chad Ruter

Drive Thru

There's No Quackery at the New Duck Inn

by Brandy Gonsoulin


focus: Lucy McKenzie Exhibition @ The Art Institute of Chicago

by S. Nicole Lane


Stars Align: Brad Sawicki and Bryan Kveton Jan. 15

by Mike Ewing

The Grid: Lyrical Video Journalism

To be Demolished: Documenting 100
Threatened Buildings



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