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Saturday, April 19

Gapers Block

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About Us

What is Gapers Block? Gapers Block is a Chicago-centric web publication providing information on news, events and other interesting stuff around town. Gapers Block wants you to slow down and check out your city!

OK, what's a "gapers block"?
There are many terms for the slowdown in traffic that occurs when there's an accident on the side of the road. Some people call it rubbernecking, others a lookie-loo. Here in Chicago (and a few other places where Chicago expats are common) we call it a gapers block or gapers delay. What better name for a site that asks you to slow down and check out all the cool things in the city?

Consider GB an antidote to all those sites infatuated with the coasts. On the front page, you'll find Merge, a weblog on a wide range of topics updated throughout the day; Slowdown, a calendar highlighting events you may not have heard about; a daily photo in Rearview and a question to ponder and discuss in Fuel. The site also includes topical sections covering arts and culture (A/C), literature (Book Club), food (Drive-Thru), music (Transmission), politics (Mechanics) and sports (Tailgate). We also publish a weekly email newsletter, Party Line.

Our volunteer staff of contributors is made up of Chicagoans both native and imported, with diverse backgrounds and interests but two things in common: a deep love of the city and a wish to share it with you. If you're interested in joining us, see our submissions page.


Andrew HuffAndrew Huff, Editor & Publisher
Andrew thinks Chicagoland is the best amusement park ever. A lifelong night owl, he works deep into the night at his West Ridge two-flat, writing and editing and playing with the cats. He spends more time online than probably is healthy; follow along at Email him at

David SchalliolDavid Schalliol, Managing Editor - A/C, Rearview
A graduate student in sociology at the University of Chicago and the Visiting Assistant Professor of Social Sciences at the Illinois Institute of Technology, David is involved in more projects than he can shake a stick at. You can check out some of his diversions at his personal website, metroblossom, and that flickr place. He has South Side pride. Email him at

Anne HolubAnne Holub, Music Editor - Transmission
Anne, a native Virginian, still considers herself a southerner even though she moved to Chicago from Montana. During the daylight hours she clickity clacks on the interwebs, and sometimes she writes poems for no money at all. At night, she enjoys knitting and roving with The Crafty Ladies. Email her at

Lara LevitanLara Levitan Literary Editor - Book Club
Lara Levitan was born and raised on the Northwest outskirts of Chicago in a little-known enclave called Schorsch Village. A freelance writer currently at work on her first novel, Lara loves cooking, riding bikes, and all the cool literary stuff going on in Chicago.

Robyn NisiRobyn Nisi, Food Editor - Drive-Thru
Robyn is from Omaha, home of the best pizza in Chicago. She laments the discontinuation of such foodstuffs as PB Max and OK Cola, and continues to fight for sweet treat justice (using elite street justice). Email her at

Monica ReidaMonica Reida, Politics Editor - Mechanics
Monica Reida was born in California and grew up in Arizona and Iowa, but calls Chicago home. She can usually be found drinking tea and reading a book on public policy or health care. She tweets at @monicareida and writes about various topics on Fragments. Email her at

Chad RuterChad Ruter, Sports Editor
Chad is a native Illinoisan who narrowly escaped the farmland in the northwest corner of the state to make it into The Windy City. He fell in love with the Chicago sports teams because they shared the same Ch- as his name does. He now regrets this and wishes his parents named him Boris since Boston has recently won a title in every sport. You can email him at

LaShawn WilliamsLaShawn Williams, Arts Editor - A/C
LaShawn Williams is a lifelong Chicagoan who hails from the city's South Side. She is an arts and entertainment junkie who loves comedy, theater, and sitcoms from the 80s — even the corny ones. Follow her on Twitter: @MsWilliamsWorld. Email her at

Dearly Departed

Naz HamidNaz Hamid, Cofounder & Creative Director Emeritus
Naz cofounded Gapers Block in 2003; he now lives in San Francisco. His design work may be found at


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