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Saturday, November 22

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Preview Fri Nov 21 2014

Run the Jewels Take Over the Metro 11/22

run-the-jewels-animated.jpg Since their inception, Run the Jewels seems incapable of doing any wrong. This year is no exception. The group is a meld of two substantially different rap styles, one coming from El-P 's New York flow and production and Killer Mike's dirty south genius. They just released Run the Jewels 2 which continues the pair's utterly crazy verses and impeccable production. The songs are outlandish, clever, filthy, complex, willfully ignorant, and infinitely referential all in the name of entertaining rap. It's the perfect combination of unabashed grandstanding and pure skill. If you aren't having fun listening to these guys throw down, then you need to consider not taking everything so seriously. Run the Jewels certainly have found the balance between seriousness and enjoyment considering their offer of a meow-mix of the album. Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign they will be releasing Meow the Jewels. Only Run the Jewels have the audacity to run with something so ridiculous.

Saturday may as well be Run the Jewels Day in Chicago as they will be all over the city. El-P and Killer Mike will be signing copies of the new album at the Reckless Records, 3126 N. Broadway, from 2-3pm before doing two shows at the Metro . Run the Jewels will be joined by New York rappers Despot and the group Ratking, the latter of which had an amazing head busting set at Lolla earlier this year. The late show, which will also feature David Ruffin Theory, is sold out but somehow there are still tickets available for their early show at 5:30. Don't miss this show.

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Event Thu Nov 20 2014

Join us Tonight for Stars Align w/ Archie Powell & Mike Maimone

Archie Powell and Mike Maimone perform at Riot Fest. (Photos: Jim Vondruska and Rob Holysz)

Mike Maimone of MUTTS and Archie Powell of Archie Powell & the Exports are coming together for a unique night of collaboration you only get one chance to see.

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Preview Thu Nov 20 2014

Preview: Dads at Beat Kitchen Nov. 21


The New Jersey punk duo, Dads were just in town for Riot Fest where they delivered one of the strongest sets of the weekend. Over the course of the last few months, they've endlessly toured the country and released their newest album I'll Be the Tornado which was apparently recorded here in Chicago.

I'll Be the Tornado finds the band further exploring a subtle sense of density and urgency that was first established in 2012's album American Radass (This is Important) and further examined in last year's Pretty Good EP.

Dads - Sold Year / Transitions


Opening for Dads is the Minnesota band Tiny Moving Parts who recently dropped their newest album, Pleasant Living. They have this complexly emotive sound, at times reminiscent of bands such as Explosions in the Sky while fronted with strained and earnest post-hardcore vocals.

Tiny Moving Parts - Whiskey Waters

Dads play tomorrow this Friday night, November 21, at Beat Kitchen (2100 W Belmont Ave.) This is an all ages show and doors are at 6 with things getting started around 6:30. Choir Vandals and Tiny Moving Parts both fill out the lineup. If you're into it, tickets are $12 and can be grabbed here.

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Review Wed Nov 19 2014

Modern Baseball, Knuckle Puck, and Foxing Take Over the Bottom Lounge Nov. 15


Phrases like "emo revival" have become buzzwords often used to describe this current generation of bands who grew up listening to Taking Back Sunday, used Hawthorne Heights lyrics as away messages on AOL Instant Messenger away as proto-subtweets, and were thoroughly obsessed with almost anything that Equal Vision Records released. I really don't think that's accurate, though.

The mainstream may have lost its infatuation with the genre in the mid to late 2000's, roughly around when Sonny Moore transformed himself from the screamo savant of From First to Last to the EDM messiah Skrillex and when Fall Out Boy found themselves taking a quick break before going on a self imposed quest to "Save Rock and Roll," but the genre lived on as new brands emerged and older bands took on mentorship roles. This past Saturday at Bottom Lounge, I was able to see several of these emerging bands.

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Radio Wed Nov 19 2014

The CHIRPs Are Getting Bigger

CHIRP radius.jpg

After much hard work, including a trip to Washington, D.C. to lobby for it, CHIRP Radio has been granted permission by the FCC to put up a low-power broadcast tower in Chicago. Soon, instead of just streaming online, you'll be able to tune in to 107.1 to hear CHIRP DJs from the comfort of your automobile or lakeside picnic blanket (within the station's broadcast radius, anyway). Congrats, CHIRP-ers!

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Album Fri Nov 14 2014

While You Weren't Looking: Bloodshot Turned 20


Chicago, we don't know how good we have it. While some cities can barely play host to one indie label, we're blessed with, well, zillions. In my decade + in town, I've seen Bloodshot Records go from a mere tween asking us to buy it cigarettes, to a surly teen, to its latest milestone: a twenty year old out looking for trouble on a Saturday night. To celebrate, they're putting out a double album of tributes of their storied past. While No One Was Looking pays homage to artists who got their indie starts at BSHQ like Ryan Adams and Neko Case alongside current label favorites Justin Townes Earle and Jon Langford. It's an album of 38 tributes, one song after another putting a new spin on a beloved label classic. There's Blitzen Trapper covering Ryan Adams' "To Be Young (Is to Be Sad, Is to be High)," Into It. Over It. covering the haunting track "Deep Red Bells" by Neko Case and Diarrhea Planet putting their spin on "Dry Land" by the Waco Brothers, just to name a few! (Check out the full track listing.) Whether you're an old Bloodshot fan, or a new one, this is one behemoth of an album you're going to want to pick up.

The 38-song album officially drops Tuesday, November 18 and is available via pre-sale online. To say this one is an ideal stocking stuffer, is a no-brainer. In case you need some enticement, listen to a few tracks, below:

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Concert Wed Nov 12 2014

Photos/Review: Gruff Rhys @ Schubas Tavern 11-12-14

Gapers Gruff top.jpg

It's always good to see the Super Furry Animals frontman Gruff Rhys up to anything, even if it isn't involving a proper Super Furries show. Showcasing his newest solo release, American Interior, his imagination, wit, and intellect again made for a rare treat to the midwest crowd. Hailing from Wales, Rhys was all about Welsh pride in his two hour-plus alternate history of how Prince Madoc and John Evans help discover America (instead of Columbus) and how some of the First Nation ended up speaking Welsh.

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Preview Wed Nov 12 2014

Preview: Survival Knife at Subterranean Nov. 14

SK woods.jpg

Unwound never really died. Yeah, the band called it quits years ago and everyone involved left to embark on all sorts of new adventures, but the legacy of Unwound lives on. The latest manifestation of Unwound's legacy is a band playing at Subterranean this coming Friday: Survival Knife.

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Hip Hop Tue Nov 11 2014

Preview: Lil Bibby at Bottom Lounge Nov. 13


Its got to be an exciting time for Lil Bibby. Based off the strength of his debut mixtape Free Crack, the local rapper has found himself in the spotlight, attracting the attention of Drake and earning a spot on XXL's annual list of buzzworthy and interesting rappers.

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Classical Mon Nov 10 2014

Pulling Strings: For classical music in Chicago, you got a guy - November 2014

In honor of #Movember, here is British composer Edward Elgar:


And now, on to the recommendations for this month.

Fonema Consort
With its home in Chicago, Fonema Consort has built an international fan base as it builds a reputation in the new music world for adventurous programming. The artists that make up Fonema are constantly thrown from traditional styles of playing, forcing them to add rhythmically and physically complex vocalizations into their playing. And they're really good at it, as you'll see during their appearance as part of the Latino Music Festival. The program includes unusual instrumental combinations, such as Pablo Santiago Chin's Como la leyenda de Tlön for soprano and percussion. The program also includes works by Gustavo Leone and Francisco Castillo Tigueros. Thursday, Nov. 13, 7pm. University of Chicago, Fulton Hall, 5845 S. Ellis, Chicago. Free admission.

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Review Thu Nov 06 2014

The Riviera had a Lovely Day with Alt-J

altj1.jpgI didn't give Δ, pronounced alt-J, a fair chance when they released their initial EP and subsequent album An Awesome Wave. It was more than likely a combination of something just not clicking with the songs I had heard. Maybe it was the convolution of their name, the Mac key sequence to produce the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet that indicates change in mathematical equations. Whatever the reason, it wasn't until my sister Kayla insisted that they were indeed a good band and that I should take a second listen. My resistance to the band would ultimately not make sense considering how strange and inventive they turned out to be.

Since then I've been an advocate of John Newman's weird warbling voice and the band's complex compositions. Δ came to the Riviera this past weekend and reaffirmed my sister' assertions of quality. They played and 18-song set, touching upon everything one would hope for, and it was breathtaking.

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Interview Wed Nov 05 2014

Interview: The Dirty Dirty Dollars

Interesting startup story: The Dirty Dirty Dollars began as a Creedence Clearwater Revival cover band. Finding that they enjoyed bringing an energized, high-octane rock sound to their audience, they began composing music of their own, and will be showcasing their talents at the beloved venue Martyrs' this Friday evening, where they will also release their latest singles, "An' When I Die" and "Pushin'."


Originally vowing to only create music that revolved around the subjects of "sex, death, beer and our fathers," the Dollars traveled across the United States to gain the inspiration they craved. They spent time at Memphis's revered Ardent Studios, which hosted the recordings of notable rock greats, from ZZ Top, to Big Star and The White Stripes. The group's raunchy personality is what attracts to their sound like a moth to a flame, as their upcoming live show promises to be one full of spontaneity and a bit of notoriety, too.

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Review Wed Nov 05 2014

Slowdive & Low Flowed Steadily into The Vic

slowdivevi.jpgSlowdive made their return to music after nearly 20 years of absence. It says a lot that a band with only three albums to their name has ad as much attention and fervor associated with their reunion. You could chalk it up to nostalgia of a better time, but their sound has a much more eternal quality. I am almost certainly on the younger end of Slowdive fans considering my newborn status at the time of their formation, nonetheless I've been enchanted by their dreamy sound for years. Their return fills me with unfettered joy and stands a chance for their songs to get the due they richly deserve.

The reunion tour has placed Slowdive with a really apt pairing, placing Low's softer and mellower music as a lead in to Slowdive's more expansive wave of sound is one of those perfect transitions. This past week's show at the Vic was Slowdive's second time playing in Chicago this year, following up the amazing performance at Pitchfork Festival this summer. With a closed and more sound-pleasing venue, Slowdive simply couldn't, and didn't, disappoint.

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Review Tue Nov 04 2014

Ben Frost Creates Panic at Constellation (10/31)

photo credit: Kelav Slavoran

As I left my apartment to see Ben Frost the other day, the weather shifted. The sky changed to a ominous shade of black. An inescapable coldness filled the air as flakes of snow fell from the sky, their luminous white color in stark contrast of the overwhelming darkness around them. It was beautiful.

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Review Sat Nov 01 2014

Dial In, Rasplyn & Brash Flair Shared Their Eclectic Sounds with Schubas

Sometimes it's better not knowing much about the musical acts you're going to see. It's an incredibly great feeling to be surprised and turned into a genuine fan of musicians that you were unfamiliar with. Such was the case this past week at Schubas, where I was met with an diverse and all around fantastic collection of local musicians. Originally I was expecting to see Gemma Ray, but her cancellation came far in advance and I was ready to experience what the Chicago music scene had to offer. Turns out I got way more than I was expecting from all three acts. The groove-able sounds of Brash Flair, the darky mystical Rasplyn, and the electronically inclined rock of Dial In delivered a great eclectic night of Chicago musicians at Schubas.

brash flair.jpgThe duo of Kristin Johnston and Joshua Wentz started off the evening as Brash Flair and they really impressed me. Their sound is really a complex assortment of beautifully arranged beats and keys cast beneath Johnston's unwavering voice. The music and vocals never fight for attention, rather melding together in a sonically satisfying array. Their songs are ambient electronic music that often finds itself spread across genres. There elements of glitch sewn into some song that end up experimenting with an almost modern hip hop beats. They created lush and dense soundscapes that rise up to these intricate highs that transcend the sum of the parts. "Good Morning" was a particularly powerful stand out in their set, showcasing Johnston's voice prominently. Johnston and Wentz continuously switched places behind their setup, taking control of every aspect of their flowing sound with an effortless grace. They ended their set by building up a song on the fly, a beautiful expression of how well the duo work together.

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Classical Mon Nov 10 2014

Pulling Strings: For classical music in Chicago, you got a guy - November 2014

By Elliot Mandel

In honor of #Movember, here is British composer Edward Elgar.

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Sat Nov 22 2014
Forgotten Species @ Schubas

Sat Nov 22 2014
Robyn Hitchcock @ Old Town School

Sat Nov 22 2014
Run the Jewels @ Metro

Sun Nov 23 2014
The Twilight Sad @ Empty Bottle

Sun Nov 23 2014
Sloan @ Bottom Lounge

Tue Nov 25 2014
Death From Above 1979 @ Riviera Theatre

Fri Nov 28 2014
Lydia Loveless @ Lincoln Hall

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