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Saturday, May 18

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Stores Wed Dec 02 2015

Chicago Shaping Up Nicely at SXSW Music 2016

Chicago at SXSW music festival 2016It's a long standing tradition at Gapers Block to report on Chicago-area artists performing at the SXSW Music Festival. Now that the second round of acts for the 2016 festival has been announced, it's shaping up to be a great year for Chicago.

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Andrew Huff

Review Sun Apr 19 2015

Record Store Day 2015 Recap

rsd 2015 small.jpgDespite the long lines,craziness, flippers, and stress that comes with Record Store Day there is still that sense of community with the record lover's holiday. The day continues to be a celebration of record stores and of the people that come together to talk and purchase the music they enjoy. Now that the third Saturday of April is behind us and a bit of the dust has settled, Emily Ornberg and I give our impressions on RSD 2015 with our experiences from waiting in line for great finds to some disappointments.

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Julian Ramirez

Stores Wed Apr 15 2015

Record Store Day 2015: Chicago's Best Shops and More

rsd 2015 small.jpgOnce more into the breach, dear friends, as Record Store Day is here again! Perhaps the biggest day of the year for audiophiles and vinyl hoarders, it's also a time to show local shops some love, and maybe discover a new place you've never shopped before.

As always, check out the special Record Store Day releases in PDF or web form, then make a plan to hit your local Chicago store on Saturday! Most shops not only offer what limited edition RSD items they were able to get in stock, but also discounts, and a general atmosphere of celebration.

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Anne Holub

Event Wed Apr 16 2014

Record Store Day 2014: Where to Go in Chicago


Seven years down the line, and it feels like Record Store Day comes earlier every year. And maybe it's just because we've barely scratched the surface of the promised warm weather this year in Chicago, but we're really giddy about RSD this year. Getting out of the house? Mingling with other music-minded folks? Rewarding ourselves with new vinyl? Sign us up! So here we are, once again, mapping out stores to visit (and perhaps even mentally rating restaurants nearby to grab a malted beverage at afterwards). If you've made your own wish list of RSD releases, here's where you might want to go to find them:

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Anne Holub / Comments (3)

Stores Tue Apr 15 2014

Our Record Store Day Wish List

By Transmission Staff

Our beloved vinyl holiday, Record Store Day, is this Saturday, and while we might not all be at stores waiting in line come midnight, the yearly celebration of all things vinyl has its own perks. Every year, there's a plethora of special Record Store Day releases. From new artists and old, either re-releases, or special compilations or tracks — there's something for everyone, of course only if your local record store gets in the release that you want. And that's the rub, since while all stores might like to get each of these releases, even if they request them, they're not sure what they're going to get till the box arrives (sometime later this week). But what follows is what the Transmission staff is keeping its fingers crossed for this year.

Our Record Store Day Wish List:


The Julie Ruin 7"
You probably recognize Kathleen Hanna from Bikini Kill or Le Tigre or from being the coolest person ever. After an extended hiatus from music due to the singer's struggle with Lyme disease, Kathleen returned along with new band The Julie Ruin in 2013 with a new album, Run Fast. The album is less politcally charged and more personal than what we've heard from Hanna in the past, revealing a more vulnerable side to the artist. On Record Store Day The Julie Ruin will release a 7" of two previously unreleased songs, "Brightside" and "In The Picture", with a limited pressing of 2000.
-Stephanie Griffin

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Transmission / Comments (1)

Stores Thu Dec 19 2013

Your Last-Minute Xmas Buying Guide for the Music Lover

Santa Rockin 2005 inside.jpg

You've done it again. You've flaked the date. It's just a few days till Christmas, and you haven't gotten anything for anyone and now you'd have to pay up the wazoo to get anything shipped in time. But wait! We have a solution that's a win/win: Shop local and get that music-lover on your list something awesome this year. (No, a new tree-shaped car freshener isn't awesome. Stop it.)

You might be able to wait until Christmas Eve to shop, but I wouldn't recommend it. Some businesses will have limited hours on Tuesday and most will be flat-out closed Wednesday, so get out today and get going!

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Anne Holub

Stores Mon Apr 22 2013

Record Store Day Recap 2013

Record Store Day 2013 Photos by Josh Mellin

For the last three years, my Record Store Day has started the night before while waiting for Permanent's midnight opening. However, this year was different. (Honestly, I was fine not having to deal with the numerous people walking in and out of Cleo's or Roots asking, "What's up with this line?") I went to bed at a reasonable hour, slept in past 8 a.m. and even found the time for brunch to gameplan with my record shopping pal.

To begin the day, we headed to Hyde Park Records where WHPK was spinning and all used records were 10% off to entice people to not just buy from the day's special releases. (It worked.) Instead of keeping those special releases behind a counter (like almost every other shop), everything was set out in the new releases rack and restocked as items were purchased. The shop was full, but not crowded. A lot of the good stuff (especially new used arrivals) had been picked over thoroughly, but there were still a few gems dug out.

At Saki an hour later, we passed Jim James while walking in and then made note of the Record Store Day release availability board, which every shop should have. After browsing the official official list, I'd been lukewarm, but I was pleased to see a few surprises, like Radar Eyes' "Dreaming of Giants" flexi-vinyl single. With in-store performances all day, Saki was quite full of people shopping and others just hanging out for the sets. Luckily, the people not shopping had the courtesy to let others browse through product. It hasn't always been that way.

This is Record Store Day's seventh year and it's now gotten to the point of any other consumer holiday where the backlash is winding up. Yes, record stores are open other days in a calendar year and new records are officially released every week, but there are few opportunities to assemble consumers anymore. A normal Saturday at Reckless or Dusty Groove has a respectable draw, but nothing quite like the third Saturday in April. And it's not like or NoData throws a party when an album leaks. So, despite the eBay flippers and once-a-year shoppers, it's generally a positive. And you and your friends might just come away with a nice haul.

James Ziegenfus

Stores Fri Apr 19 2013

Record Store Day 2013


Nearly six years have passed since we started setting aside a certain Saturday in April and heading out to our favorite (or new favorite) local record stores to celebrate the brick-and-mortar music shopping experience. Whether you choose to line up at the crack o' dawn, or head out at a leisurely post-brunch hour, a visit to your local music purveyor can be easily accomplished this weekend with Saturday's return of Record Store Day. What follows are our best recognizance for what's planned, celebration-wise, at a record store near you, Chicago.

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Anne Holub / Comments (1)

Video Tue Dec 11 2012

How Records Saved the Record Store

Re-Vinylized a 30-minute documentary by John Boston of Whiskey Bender Productions about independent record stores in Chicago, is now watchable online.

The film was an official selection of the 2012 Chicago International REEL Shorts Festival, and features interviews with the owners of Permanent Records, Record Emporium, Vintage Vinyl, Val's Halla and other shops, as well as music journalists Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis, in a celebration of the culture of independent record stores, the effects of the Internet on the business, and the stores' resurgence with the vinyl record.

Speaking of Val's Halla, the Oak Park music mainstay is on the verge of closure due to mounting bills. There's a "Help Val Keep the Lights On" house party happening this Thursday, Dec. 13; it's sold out, but donations are still being accepted.

Andrew Huff / Comments (1)

Feature Thu Dec 06 2012

Three Record Stores, One Afternoon

By Abigail Covington

Recently, I forayed into Chicago's musical wilderness in search of some of the more gripping record stores this city has to offer. It took some sifting; I wasn't accepting any vintage-bookstores-that-also-sell-Bonnie Raitt-records, nor on the opposite end of the spectrum, hitting up all the Reckless locations and calling it a day. I aimed for somewhere in-between, hoping to simply unearth some fine, browsable shops. I think the record stores that offer the best selections are ones that devoted vinyl shoppers probably already frequent but that are still relatively unknown to the masses. In search of this ideal record shop, I headed out to three stores — Logan Hardware, saki, and Dusty Groove — that I knew from previous experience have stocked shelves, fewer crowds, and consequently are easy to get lost in for hours.

Logan HardwareI traveled first to Logan Hardware (2410 W. Fullerton Ave.). Logan Hardware's retro vibe is evident even from across the street. The outside looks like a '70s bowling alley what with its jaundice-tinged, brick fa├žade and rusty-red, angular sign. The inside is a little unkempt, but very charming, akin to the neighborhood kid who always had dirt on his cheeks but a smile on his face. The unkemptness does not apply to the organization of the upper-echelons of its selections though. Sure, the bargain albums are shoved beneath the prettier records in a cramped, un-labeled heap, not visible to the level eye, but isn't this how it usually is? What's more important is that Logan Hardware was the only store of the three I visited that actually labeled their albums by artists. This is likely because they were also the only store I visited that had enough albums of a certain artist that warranted doing so.

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Transmission / Comments (1)

Stores Tue Apr 24 2012

Recap: Record Store Day 2012

Record Store Day — come get your bargains (photo by Kelly Loris)

A few Transmission staff members headed out into the fray over the weekend to check out the scene at record stores around town. With some successes (and failures) under our belts once again this year, here's our recap of Record Store Day 2012 in Chicago.

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Anne Holub / Comments (2)

Stores Tue Apr 17 2012

It's Coming! Record Store Day 2012


Ahoy all vinyl-loving music fans! Another Record Store Day is nearly upon us. Come this Saturday, April 21st, the doors of your local record shops will be thrown open, and all the masses are welcome to flip, peruse, and, most importantly, purchase some amazing new tunes. Chicago stores have always embraced this (most holy) of music celebrations, and this year is no different. Plan your route, or in some cases your level of caffeination, and head out to one of these shops for some RSD fun.

Note: shops have, in most cases, pre-ordered special releases for Record Store Day, but they won't know what they've been sent until the boxes are opened this week. (It's more of a wish list, really.) Check out what you might find with this long run-down of special releases for RSD 2012.

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Stores Wed Aug 17 2011

Zaireeka, You Will Be Missed

Zaireeka and Liz Tooley, co-owner of Permanent Records (photo by Kirstie Shanley)

Not the usual friend to run into at a record store, Zaireeka was Permanent Records' furry friend who greeted patrons at their Chicago store (1914 W. Chicago Ave.) and silently approved of purchases no matter how outlandish. Sadly, the store just announced that a few months ago, Zaireeka moved to join their new L.A. outpost, and soon after died. They have a long Facebook post about the tabby who made me pretty gleeful every time I visited the store, and they'd love to hear your favorite memories with her. My thoughts go out to the Permanent Records store staff and all of the patrons like myself who will miss Zaireeka very much.

Anne Holub / Comments (1)

Stores Sun Apr 17 2011

Record Store Day 2011 (Part 2)

My Record Store Days always begin with a little planning and strategy. Popular shops are visited early in the morning to maximize the chances of buying some of the day's special (limited) releases out from under the capitalists who flip them on eBay by noon. It's just a matter of knowing who'll be carrying what, or at least having a good idea of who might stock what you want. (Even shops typically don't know what a distributor will deem them worthy of until they open the shipments.) With that in mind, Permanent is usually my first stop. Unlike last year, it wasn't completely slammed, but certainly busy and all indications from the staff were that their midnight sale went very well. Aside from a handful of predictably popular special releases (Laura Marling's split with a band whose fame baffles me and Ty Segall's T. Rex covers, notably), Permanent seemed to still be well-stocked by 11. With a good haul secured, it was off to the next spot.

By late morning, Reckless on Milwaukee had a line snaking through the store and outside past LensCrafters. The Numero Group's pop-up store was being thoroughly picked over, too. My companion and I decided to hightail it to a shop with less foot traffic: the relatively deserted Reckless on Madison, to see what of our special release lists could be acquired. I scored Ty Rex, but she came up empty. Then we headed to Hyde Park Records. Now, I live rather far from Hyde Park and only visit the shop once or twice a year, but I always find something that amazes me. On this trip, it was a sealed copy of the Stone Roses' seminal "Fools Gold" 12" single and a waterlogged copy of Iggy Pop's The Idiot. (It plays fine.) On a day when many people simply hand a list of wants to a clerk, it was nice to get some satisfaction among a thousand Whipped Cream and Other Delightses and Tubular Bellses.


A roundabout route to Beverly took up precious time and the selection was a little spotty, but my companion did excitedly find an album that she'd be too embarrassed for me to mention. So the trek wasn't a complete waste. Mad traffic on the Dan Ryan got us to Saki just in time for the 1900s. Even though it's a large store, there were a lot of bodies taking up space. The used section was impenetrable, so I browsed through the new stuff and came away with a few nice finds. Where Saki separated themselves from other stores in regard to customer service was the board of all releases that they received and what their availability was. It undoubtedly kept employees from being asked the same questions a hundred times and put into perspective how varied the special releases are. Neither rain nor snow could hamper the day and another Record Store Day came to a close with numerous new records and a lot of rewards points.

James Ziegenfus

Feature Thu Apr 14 2011

Come Get Your Bucket O' Blood

Marc Ruvolo isn't the type to take it easy. With ventures in music, literature and art, Ruvolo is always looking for his next creative outlet. His latest and most notable undertaking presents itself as Chicago's only genre bookstore, Bucket O' Blood Books and Records, which also offers customers an impressive vinyl and CD selection.

Ruvolo's name might sound familiar because he's the co-founder and now sole owner of Johann's Face Records, a label that helped spawn the careers of some of Chicago's best known punk acts like Alkaline Trio and The Smoking Popes. Obviously, he's acquired quite a bit of music over the years. That collection, paired with a lifelong passion for science fiction and fantasy literature, led to the idea for Bucket O' Blood. The store opened June 4, 2010.

"I'm a collector at heart," Ruvolo confessed. "I like to collect [Bucket O' Blood] is my collection now. And when a customer buys something, then I get to buy new things, so I get that part of the collecting. I don't get to keep it, which is fine with me. I don't really care anymore."

Bucket O' Blood Books and Records owner Marc Ruvolo (photos by Katie Karpowicz)

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Katie Karpowicz

Stores Thu Apr 14 2011

Record Store Day 2011 (Part 1)


Just in time for a spring thaw, it's time for Record Store Day again! Like Christmas wrapped in a birthday tucked into a bucket of geekery, this coming Saturday will be the most wonderful day of the year for audiophiles. It's also a great excuse to do a little local economy stimulating and head out to your neighborhood record store to do some shopping. Maybe you want to check out the latest releases, maybe you just want to wander and enjoy a free prize or two, any way you look at it, it's going to be fun. Take a look at the splendid Record Store Day special limited releases you might be able to snag, and then plan your route using our handy list (after the jump) of participating Chicagoland stores. Let us know what you pick up in the comments (or by tweeting us @gapersblock), and keep an eye out for our staffers at your local store. We promise we won't cut in front of you in line.

Remember - If you're using Twitter while you're out and about, use hashtag #rsd11 for your tweets about Record Store Day!

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Anne Holub / Comments (5)

Feature Sun Apr 18 2010

Record Store Day 2010, Part 2

gapers reckless wicker park.jpg

Reckless Records in Wicker Park on Record Store Day 2010
(photo by Kirstie Shanley)

Our intrepid staff of audiophiles headed out on Saturday, April 17, 2010 to our favorite record stores in Chicago to see what we could find. If you've got your own experiences to share, please let us know in the comments or drop us a line. Don't forget you can share photos from Record Store Day in our Transmission Flickr group.

gapers block Lauries.jpg

Laurie's Planet of Sound on Record Store Day 2010
(photo by Kirstie Shanley)

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Transmission / Comments (2)

Stores Wed Dec 02 2009

Mr. Peabody Liquidation Sale This Weekend

peabody.pngWhen you think Chicago landmark, the first ones that come to mind reside within walking distance of the EL, or maybe in "friendlier" confines. But any DJ or record collector worth his Groove Glide would tell you that a destination as distinctively Chicagoan as any exists beyond even the 95th/Dan Ryan stop of the Red Line. At 118th and Western, Mr. Peabody Records is one of Chicago's most unique record stores, catering to those looking for the best of house, soul, funk, rock, hip hop, world music, jazz and above all...disco. In business together since 1996, owners Mike Cole and Mark Grusane hoped to combine their extensive knowledge and passion for music into the brick and mortar store on 11832 S. Western. They've since supplied many a crate-digger with their fix of rare vinyl and have expanded Mr. Peabody into a record label and distributor. As though there wasn't enough to do this weekend, Mr. Peabody will open their doors to a deluge of bargain shoppers, as it offers a huge inventory liquidation sale on over 60,000+ LPs, 12"s, and 45s. Check out the flyer, and follow their progress on Twitter!

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Mica Alaniz

Stores Mon Sep 14 2009

Top Sellers: Bookworks in Lakeview

IMG_0963.jpgBookworks, at 3444 N. Clark St. in Lakeview, is probably best known for selling used books, but inside the store, you'll also find a nice selection of used records and cds. Bookworks' Dylan Underwood passed along these recent top sellers:

Miles Davis, Miles Ahead (Sony)
Professor Longhair, New Orleans Piano (Atlantic/Wea)
Badfinger, Say No More (Real Music)
Sarah Vaughan, Sarah Vaughan Sings George Gershwin (Polygram Records)
Oscar Pettiford, Orchestra in Hi-Fi (ABC)

Sheila Burt

Stores Sun May 31 2009

Record Dive on Broadway

photo by Phil Tadros

It's not every day you see a bunch of hipsters crawling around in a dumpster, but that was the scene this Saturday as Reckless Records threw out mountains of old records and other random detritus from years in their Broadway location. The new store is located at 3126 N. Broadway, just a bit south of the old spot at 3161.

Andrew Huff / Comments (2)

Album Thu Apr 23 2009

Top Sellers: Permanent Records

This week's list of unofficial top sellers comes from Lance Barresi, owner of Permanent Records, 1914 W. Chicago Ave. Per the usual, Chicago artists are bolded.

Wavves, Wavvves
Kurt Vile, Constant Hitmaker
Lazer Crystal, EP 1
Flipper, Generic
V/A, World's Lousy With Ideas Vol. 8
Wooden Shjips, Dos
Psychedelic Horseshit, Golden Oldies
Sneakers, Children Into People EP
Serge Gainsbourg, Histoire De Melody Nelson
Monks, Black Monk Time

Sheila Burt / Comments (4)

Stores Wed Apr 15 2009

Top Sellers: Laurie's Planet of Sound

This week's list of top sellers comes from Melissa Geils of Laurie's Planet of Sound, at 4639 N. Lincoln Ave., in Lincoln Square. Melissa titled her list "Laurie's Planet of Sound Top Sellers: '(Fairly) Under the Radar' Edition!" As always, Chicago artists are bolded.

Vee Dee, Public Mental Health System DLP (Criminal IQ)
Death, For the Whole World to See (Drag City)
Obits, Blame You (Sub Pop)
Lover!, Gathered in the Graveyard LP (Red Lounge)
Wavves, Wavvves (Fat Possum)
Mastodon, Crack the Skye (Reprise)
Coathangers, Scramble (Suicide Squeeze)
Various Artists, Local Customs: Downriver Revival (Numero Group)
Nobunny, Love Visions (1-2-3-4-Go!)
Woods, Songs of Shame LP (Woodsist)
The Mayfair Set, Already Warm 7" (Captured Tracks)
Nothing People, Late Night LP (S-S)
The Strange Boys, And Girls Club (In the Red)
Timmy's Organism, Squeeze the Giant 2x7" (Sacred Bones)
Yearling, No More White Horses 12" (Bronx Cheer)

Please note: I previously linked to the wrong Yearling band. It is fixed now.

Sheila Burt

Album Sat Mar 28 2009

Top sellers: Reckless Records in the Loop

Transmission checked in with Jeff Johns from Reckless Records in the Loop at 26 E. Madison St. to find out what the top sellers were this week. The list isn't scientific but is based on what records managers have noticed are selling a lot. We're hoping to make this a regular feature by checking in with indie record stores across the Chicagoland. For our first segment, here's Jeff's list, which he titled "Reckless Records' (un)lucky top 13 sellers in alphabetical order." Chicago-based artists are bolded.

-Animal Collective, "Merriweather Post Pavillion" (Domino)
-Azita, "How Will You?" (Drag City)
-Bonnie Prince Billy, "Beware" (Drag City)
-Neko Case, "Middle Cyclone" (Anti)
-Death, "For The Whole World To See" (Drag City)
-Duress, 2009 demo cassette (Self)
-Harms Way, "Reality Approaches" LP (Organized Crime)
-Abner Jay, "The Story Of Abner Jay" LP (Mississippi)
-Lotus Plaza, "Floodlight Collective" (Kranky)
-Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, "s/t" (Slumberland)
-Wolves In The Throne Room, "Malevolent Grain" 12" (Southern Lord)
-Yearling, "No More White Horses" 12" (Bronx Cheer)
-Various Artists, "Dark Was The Night" (4ad)

Sheila Burt / Comments (2)

Random Fri Feb 20 2009

Support Your Local Indie Record Store

Between the recent boom of digital music sales and the current economic downturn, some music fans have lately been speculating about the fate of brick-and-mortar independent record stores. With that in mind, the March issue of GQ features "The Last Record Store" by contributor Dan Kennedy, in which Kennedy profiles -- and spends a couple of weeks working at -- the indie record shop Kiss The Sky in Geneva, IL. (Note: The article is not yet available via the publication's online edition.)

Also of local interest in the same issue: Kanye West makes the mag's latest list of "The 10 Most Stylish Men in America," and explains his low Day-Glo policy for photo shoots.

Graham Sanford

Event Sat Apr 19 2008

*insert High Fidelity joke here*

In this digital age, the iTunes Music Store and Amazon's mp3 service reign supreme. The indie record store, some say, is getting absolutely shellacked by the movement to mp3s, Ogg, and FLAC, and are forced to close their doors. We're lucky that, here in Chicago, there are quite a few indie stores holding on and kicking, and today is their day.

On Record Store Day, the goal is to patronize actual brick-and-mortars who serve as an alternative to the bog-box entertainment outlets. The advantages are many, the locations smaller, but the attention and selection are, in many cases, FAR better than the nationwide chains.

We've reviewed some of these spaces here before, and some places are having star-studded events for the occasion. So, whether JazzMart, Deadwax, Lauries, or anywhere else, get out there today! At least you won't freeze.

Troy Hunter

Stores Thu Nov 01 2007

Hot Jams Becoming Pink Machine

The last few years have been difficult for record stores. Tower is gone and Virgin has closed in some cities. Even Berwick Street in London (famous for its plethora of shops immortalized on the cover of Oasis' (What's the Story) Morning Glory?) has been hit hard in the last few years and lost many of its shops. In Chicago, Hi-Fi closed last November and other stores are struggling. The trick in staying open appears to be appealing to a niche crowd and offering consumers something that can't be downloaded.

Or, in the case of Hot Jams at 4814 S Pulaski, it's been offering consumers the chance to download. You see, at this shop that specializes in house and all types of electronic music, the front half has become an internet cafe, which allows for customers to check out records while being online. And in January, the store will become Pink Machine Studios. To make way for the space needed for the recording studio, Hot Jams is clearing out the old vinyl inventory at 50% off until it's gone! So if you're looking for your vinyl-loving friends in the next few months, there's a good chance they'll be digging at Hot Jams.

James Ziegenfus

Stores Mon Aug 06 2007

Threadless + Indie Rock? Who'd have thunk it?

Local t-shirt establishment Threadless is celebrating the grand opening of its first and only live store with some indie rock (that I hear the kids like these days) on September 14th. Their big party will consist of not one, but two phases.

Phase #1: An all-ages show, starting at 6pm at the Metro. The lineup features some very sweet Chicago talent including Hey Mercedes, Anathallo and Freer and will be hosted by Marcus Monroe. To get tickets, you must stop by the Threadless store (at 3011 N. Broadway Ave.) starting 9/10 and you can pick up two tickets per person. There will be no tickets available at the Metro and just because you snag a ticket, it doesn't mean you get in. It's first come, first serve, so line up early.

Phase #2: An adults-only 18+ after-party, also at the Metro, starting at 10:30pm. The music lined up for this show includes Office, White Hot Knife, The Assembly and the Life During Wartime DJs. No tickets are needed for this show, but yeah, it's still first-come, first-served.

For all the details, check Threadless.

Anne Holub

Stores Wed Apr 04 2007

Permanent Records Spawns Records

Chicago's favorite new independent record store, Permanent Records, has sprouted limbs and become a full-fledged record label! Their first release is Warhammer 48K's An Ethereal Oracle. The Chicago Ave. store/showspace is taking orders for the limited edition vinyl, which is slated to ship after April 8th.

You can catch Warhammer 48K as they play a FREE in-store at Permament Records on April 6th at 4:00pm with Waterbabies, All Out Attack, and He Not In. Contact the store at 773-278-1744 for more information or drop by 1914 W. Chicago Ave.

John Lombardo

Stores Thu Feb 15 2007

Not all Reckless buying in the loop need be at the BOT

Those of you who work (or live) downtown and seek a new place to browse away your lunch hour can rejoice; Reckless Records has announced the forthcoming opening of a third store, to be located at 26 E. Madison, in the heart of downtown!

The store's web site says that we can expect to wait 4 to 6 weeks for delivery, but that you should keep bringing in your used CDs, LPs, DVDs, and video games to the current store locations for cash or credit. Isn't it always a bit weird (in a good way) to be browsing through a record store's used section, only to bump into a record you used to own - not like another copy, but YOUR old copy! Like bumping into an ex-, but with a laugh, rather than a shudder, of recognition.

Chris Sienko

Stores Fri Dec 15 2006

A Reckless Top 20 (Best Sellers)

Speaking of music to give your loved ones, Chicago music store Reckless Records (which we like a lot) has put out a Top 20 Best Sellers List (as of Dec. 14th, 2006). They are, as follows:

1. Joanna Newsom Ys
2. Sufjan Stevens Songs for Christmas
3. Swan Lake Beast Moans
4. Clipse Hell Hath No Fury
5. Shins Phantom Limb (single)
6. Sunn O)))/Boris Altar (2CD version)
7. Beck Information
8. Fucked Up Hidden World (LP)
9. TV on the Radio Return to Cookie Mountain
10. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Letting Go
11. Mucca Pazza A Little Marching Band
12. And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead So Divided
13. Neil Young Live at the Fillmore East (w/ dvd)
14. Decemberists Crane Wife
15. Mark Kozelek Little Drummer Boy (live)
16. White Magic Dat Rosa Mel Apibus
17. Chin Up Chin Up This Harness Can't Ride Anything
18. PJ Harvey Peel Sessions: 1991-2004
19. Yo La Tengo I am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass
20. Bound Stems Appreciation Night

Anne Holub

Stores Mon Nov 06 2006

Buying locally, now that's priceless!

Simple savings abound at Dr. Wax's Evanston location. Though November get $1 off any purchase (except $.99 discs). No, it's not a big sale, but discounts are discounts, and you wanted to get the deluxe dvd edition of Gnarls Barkley's St. Elsewhere album that's out tomorrow anyway, right? (For some other local music store ideas, check our feature this week, and back in September.)

Anne Holub

Stores Thu Sep 14 2006

Get Your Groove On

Dusty Groove America may be one of the best record stores in the world, a fact not immediately obvious when you walk into the surprisingly clean storefront at 1120 N. Ashland. The secret is their incredible mail-order business, which offers an incredibly deep collection of rare albums, niche genres, obscure titles and more via

Here's an interview with co-owner Rick Wojcik over at Midwestern Goodness.

Andrew Huff

GB store

Feature Thu Dec 31 2015

Our Final Transmission Days

By The Gapers Block Transmission Staff

Transmission staffers share their most cherished memories and moments while writing for Gapers Block.

Read this feature »


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Buddy Guy's Legends
The Burlington
California Clipper
Concord Music Hall
Congress Theater
Cubby Bear
Double Door
Elbo Room
Empty Bottle
Green Mill
The Hideout
Honky Tonk BBQ
House of Blues
Kingston Mines
Lincoln Hall
Logan Square Auditorium
Mayne Stage
The Mutiny
Old Town School of Folk Music
Park West
The Promontory
Red Line Tap
Reggie's Rock Club & Music Joint
The Riviera
Thalia Hall
The Shrine
Symphony Center
Tonic Room
Uncommon Ground
The Vic
The Whistler

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Bloodshot Records
Dave's Records
Delmark Records
Drag City
Dusty Groove
Flameshovel Records
Groove Distribution
He Who Corrupts
Jam Productions
Jazz Record Mart
Kranky Records
Laurie's Planet of Sound
Minty Fresh
Numero Group
mP Shows
Permanent Records
Reckless Records
Smog Veil Records
Southport & Northport Records
Thick Records
Thrill Jockey Records Touch & Go/Quarterstick Records
Victory Records

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