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Tuesday, April 21

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About Us

About Tansmission

Transmission is the music section of Gapers Block. It aims to highlight Chicago music in its many varied forms, as well as cover touring acts performing in the city.


Anne HolubAnne Holub, Music Editor - Transmission
Anne, a native Virginian, still considers herself a southerner even though she moved to Chicago from Montana. During the daylight hours she clickity clacks on the interwebs, and sometimes she writes poems for no money at all. At night, she enjoys knitting and roving with The Crafty Ladies. Email her at


Mike BellisMike Bellis
Mike is a former cross country captain from the wilderness of Chicago's north side, where he can be seen shooting darts and otherwise wearing flannel. As a Sagittarius, he prefers temperate climate to the mountains. He is an avid Diet Coke drinker and writes liner notes to fake albums in his spare time.

Sarah BrooksSarah Brooks
Sarah is a native Chicagoan who graduated from DePaul University in 2012 with a degree in Communication and Media Studies. Raised on The Beatles and learning the violin at age nine, Sarah's passion for music began early on in life. Her musical obsessions include Wilco, Andrew Bird, Otis Redding, and The Tallest Man on Earth, to name a few. Feel free to follow her on Twitter.

Abigail CovingtonAbigail Covington
Abigail Covington is a local freelance writer and editor. She has slung words for CoverMe and the AV Club and is currently a freelance copy editor at the RedEye. In her free time she plagues her friends inboxes with nostalgic and rockist arguments about Fleetwood Mac's brilliance and ponders the ubiquity of Beyonce. You can follow her low-brow musings here and read some of her published works here.

Justin FreemanJustin Freeman
An indie music shop and college radio refugee, Justin moved to Chicago a few years ago to make new friends and hasn’t really looked back. His 9 to 5 is a researcher of music and film for a library in the North Shore. His other interests include exploring emerging technologies, craft beer, street art, and hunting down Mile Davis albums on vinyl. You can probably find him hanging out at rap and/or electronica shows around town. Follow him on Twitter at @justinstrange. If you see him, say hey.

Emma GaseEmma Gase
Emma Gase grew up mostly in California, though her optimal state of being is in the Midwest. In her spare time, she tries to subtly foist her musical tastes on those she loves. Some of her favorite things are Bell's Oberon, Kanye, and Stride Peppermint Spark. She is currently looking for a record store in Chicago that carries the Dukes of Stratosphear's Psonic Psunspot.

Stephanie GriffinStephanie Griffin
Stephanie grew up in one of those small suburban towns two hours away from the city where the residents still considered themselves Chicagoans. Having now lived in Chicago proper for five years, she feels she is finally gaining some street cred. She is a science fiction and Scrabble enthusiast and embraces all things nerd. Her lifelong goal is to acquire the perfect avocado. You can usually find her reading underneath a tree, sipping vodka and cranberry at a dive bar, or dancing horribly at concert venues around the city.

Katie HovlandKatie Hovland
Katie Hovland attended Columbia College where she received a BA in Art & Design with a concentration in Photography. She fell in love with music at an early age going to punk shows at the Fireside Bowl. Her favorite Chicago bands are The Alkaline Trio, The Lawrence Arms, and The Arrivals. Her music photography has appeared in publications such as SPIN, Razorcake, Venus Zine, AMP, Time Out Chicago, Alternative Press, Rampant Rock, and Outburn Magazine. You can check out her portfolio at

Andrew HuffAndrew Huff, Editor & Publisher
Andrew works deep into the night at his West Ridge two-flat, writing and editing and playing with the cats. He spends more time online than is healthy; follow along at Email him at

Julian RamirezJulian Ramirez
Julian is natural born Chicagoan and UIC graduate, leading a mostly sleepless life under the thunderous flight paths of Midway Airport. This leaves him with plenty of time to indulge in everything and anything. You name it; he probably knows a little something about it. His musical tastes are as diverse as his interests, jumping from Chet Baker to Joanna Newsom to TV on the Radio, all on his trusty turntable. You can check out his writing and podcast at

No PhotoKirstie Shanley
A photographer covering Chicago shows in the area for the past three years, Kirstie Shanley is just as excited about the music as she is about capturing the live experience. You can check out her portfolio that also includes theater, street, and experimental photography at or on flickr.

Chris SienkoChris Sienko
Chris' earliest musical memory was hearing "Lady Madonna" by the Beatles emanating from his parents' wood-paneled console turntable. He has no idea what happened from that point to the where he is now, writing about the most unusual and difficult "music" to be found in Chicago. Like the witnesses at the scene of the crime always say, he seemed like a regular guy — nobody really saw this coming.

Dan SnedigarDan Snedigar
Dan grew up in the West, drifted around for a while, and somehow ended up in Chicago several years ago. He enjoys sunsets and long walks on the beach, and thinks that the free Honky/Nebula show at the Bottle in '05 was the best show ever.

James ZiegenfusJames Ziegenfus
James Ziegenfus moved to Chicago on a whim and now lives in Ravenswood. He spends entirely too much time digging for records wherever Odessey & Oracle and The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady could be hiding.


JH PalmerJ.H. Palmer
J.H. Palmer is a secret writer who has lived in Chicago since 1992. She was born in Boston, but you'd never know it. Notable moments in her life include a brief stint as a census taker, writing copy for a hangover chaser, and a temp job at a catheter factory. She lives on the Northwest Side with three cats and a man. When she's not catching up on cable TV shows on Neftlix, she enjoys biking, eating, and writing about her life in her blog, Buttered Noodles.

John WilmesJohn Wilmes
John Wilmes is a writer living in Chicago. He is a co-founder of Meekling Press, writes for the ESPN TrueHoop Network and Chicago Sport & Society, and contributes regularly to Mutable Sound and NewCity. He is, also, @johnjilmywilmes and


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