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About GB Book Club

GB Book Club Book Club is the literary section of Gapers Block, dedicated to Chicago-area authors, poets and literary events.


Miden WoodMiden Wood
Miden Wood, a native District of Columbian, still does not possess a proper hat for Chicago winter. Despite this setback, her cold head manages to conjure up some neat freelance writings, freestyle doodles, and other merry makings. If you happen to have a proper winter hat, she will trade you a drawing for it. Email her at


John AccroccoJohn Accrocco
John J. Accrocco is an Ohio native but studied writing and publishing at Columbia College Chicago. You can find John in his tiny kitchen or on his tiny bike, but it's best just to follow his blog, Little Dinner Party. John has his spent time out of college writing for various local publications and slowly working on a manuscript of questionable intent.

Diego BáezDiego Báez
Diego Báez writes regularly for Whole Beast Rag and Booklist. Poetry, fiction, and other reviews have appeared most recently in Kweli, Hobart, and Rain Taxi. He lives and teaches in Uptown.

Ines BellinaInes Bellina
Ines Bellina is a writer and performer who moved to Chicago after many years in Lima, New York, Buenos Aires, Montreal, and other places that have slipped her mind. She began her career as a grad student in Latin American and Iberian Cultures until she decided to write fiction instead of a dissertation. When she’s not working on her YA novel, you can find Ines dabbling in Live Lit events or bombing at improv shows around the city. Follow her on Twitter at @ibwrites.

Claire GlassClaire Glass
Claire Glass grew up in Philadelphia but was secretly born in Camden, New Jersey. She moved to Chicago after graduating from New York University. She writes essays and short stories, mostly about her family and gross things she witnesses while on public transportation. She is co-web editor for Chicago Publishes and freelances around town for New City and more.

Andrew HuffAndrew Huff, Editor & Publisher
Andrew works deep into the night at his West Ridge two-flat, writing and editing and playing with the cats. He spends more time online than is healthy; follow along at Email him at

Rebecca HylandRebecca Hyland
Chicagoland native Rebecca Hyland spoils her neurotic cat, occasionally writes overwrought poems, enjoys Zumba and long walks on the beach, and volunteers at the National Runaway Switchboard. She works at home and spends far too much time on the computer.

Mikaela JorgensenMikaela Jorgensen
Mikaela Shea Jorgensen hails from Norwalk, Iowa and is an MFA candidate at Columbia College Chicago. To pay her overpriced rent, she is a copywriter, blogger and nanny. She has published stories in Foliate Oak Literary Journal, Hypertext Magazine, Columbia College's annual Story Week Reader, as well as a children’s book at the State Historical Society of Iowa. Mikaela is currently writing a novel and sending out various short stories for publication.

Steve KlineSteve Kline
Steve grew up in Ottawa, Illinois, land of detassling and Wal-Mart. After snagging a Creative Writing degree in Champaign-Urbana, he went to Colorado where he earned Twix-money freelance writing and paid rent by washing dishes. He soon escaped to the wonderfully flat land of Chicago where he spends most of his weekends looking for lit events, his next caffeine fix, and trying to get his dog to admit that it knows English.

Alba MachadoAlba Machado
Alba Machado thinks Chicago's writers can beat up every other city's writers. But they wouldn't. Because they're too nice. And funny. They would just incapacitate them with their ninja smiles, their ninja cookies, and their innovative ninja fart jokes. A lifelong Chicagoan, Alba has counted herself among these writers ever since she wrote and performed "The Rescue of Spring" in the fourth grade, and she wishes to use her powers for good: (a) for the fun, (b) for the justice, (c) for the camaraderie. She is currently pursuing an MFA in creative writing from Columbia College Chicago and her work has appeared in Curbside Splendor, Knee-Jerk Magazine, the Chicago Reader and others. Her two black cats approve of this bio. The shifty squirrel in the yard is not so sure.

Matt McCarthyMatt McCarthy
Matt McCarthy lives in Chicago with his wife and their two cats. His rock'n'roll novel, Livestock!, is available on Amazon. You can find out more about Matt and his work at

Melinda McIntireMelinda McIntire
Melinda is a local Chicago writer and blogger. You can find her on Tumblr at, writing about the single life in Chicago at, and living out her last few days as a twenty-something. She is co-producer of the Solo in the Second City reading series, which you guessed it, is a collection of writers commiserating and celebrating the hilarity that is dating and single life in Chicago. She is scared of birds, can’t snap her fingers, and is searching for the man and/or manhattan of her dreams.

Erika PriceErika Price
Erika Price is a social psychologist at Loyola University Chicago, and an amateur writer and frequenter of Chicago's live lit events. Her work has been featured on The Paper Machete. When she isn't creeping in the back of some bookstore reading, she writes fiction and essays at

Eden RobinsEden Robins
Eden Robins is a writer of fictions short and long, as well as of things that make money. She is a Chicago native and travel junkie, a recent convert to the church of whiskey, an occasional dildo salesman, and an infrequent blogger. She's hard at work on her second novel, a weird Western.

Kathryn PulkrabekKathryn Pulkrabek
Kathryn Pulkrabek can block out nearly any distraction by hiding behind a good book. When not riding her bike, discovering the next best patio wine or crafting the perfect one-liner, she works as a writer and editor.

Daphne SidorDaphne Sidor
Daphne moved to Chicago on impulse directly after graduating from a tiny New Mexico college where all she did was talk about books. A while later, she earned a master's degree in library science but somehow went on writing for a living instead. When she's not hanging out with her queer feminist book club or trying to recruit everyone she's ever known to move here, she mostly makes music and rides her bike.

Emilie SybergEmilie Syberg
Emilie Syberg writes very small plays for her very small blog, Pocket Plays. She enjoys poetry and loves a good tale of derring-do. Her greatest literary influence is L.M Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables. Seriously, great stuff.

John WawrzaszekJohn Wawrzaszek
John Wawrzaszek, a born and raised Chicagoan, is enrolled in Columbia College's Fiction Writing program. Along with publishing the Muse, the News, and the Noose, he is an organizer for the Chicago Zine Fest and curates the reading series Two Cookie Minimum.


John WilmesJohn Wilmes
John Wilmes is a writer living in Chicago. He is a co-founder of Meekling Press, writes for the ESPN TrueHoop Network and Chicago Sport & Society, and contributes regularly to Mutable Sound and NewCity. He is, also, @johnjilmywilmes and


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