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Sunday, April 19

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About Us

About Merge & Slowdown

Located on the left-hand column on the front page, Merge is the general interest and current events section of Gapers Block. In it, you'll find everything from the latest news to notable events to interesting blog posts to random found items from the web —- the only requirement is that it have a Chicago connection. If you see something, please share it; we're always working to keep it fresh, and appreciate your help. Slowdown is Gapers Block's events calendar, found in the center column of the front page. Our calendar features events carefully selected by the entire Gapers Block staff; if it's interesting to one of us, we bet it'll be interesting to one of you.

The same is also true: if you think it's cool, one of us might think so too. We want to know what's going on, and while we try to be all-seeing and all-powerful, sometimes you'll know something going on we don't. Band playing a show? Zine festival? Neighborhood petting zoo opening? Send us your exciting happenings. Events submitted to Slowdown must take place in Chicago or the surrounding metropolitan area (though in rare cases we'll consider most of Illinois and possibly neighboring states if it's interesting and relevant), but beyond that, if you think others should know, send it our way. Please see our submissions page for further details on how to submit an event for our consideration.


Andrew HuffAndrew Huff, Editor & Publisher
Andrew thinks Chicagoland is the best amusement park ever. A lifelong night owl, he works deep into the night at his West Ridge two-flat, writing and editing and playing with the cats. He spends more time online than probably is healthy; follow along at Email him at

David SchalliolDavid Schalliol, Managing Editor
A graduate student in sociology at the University of Chicago, David is involved in far too many non-academic projects for his own good. You can check out some of his diversions at his personal website, metroblossom, and that flickr place. He has South Side pride. Email him at


Jim AllenspachJim Allenspach, MVP — Most Valuable Poster
A former spelling bee champ (Von Steuben Grade School, Peoria, IL), Jim wants you to know that "crepuscular" and "vespertine" are synonyms. He also has a Website.

Vince Jose CancasciVince Jose Cancasci
Vince currently lives in Avondale and works in graphic design. He squeezes watching movies, listening to music and playing with gadgets into every wedge of free time not spent enjoying the company of family and friends.

Jasmine DavilaJasmine Davila
Jasmine Davila thinks of herself a New Yorker even though she's lived in Chicago for the last 14 years. Read about her internal struggle at

Julie DavisJulie Davis
Julie Davis is a writer and hiker, trying to keep Chicago living up to its motto "Urbs in Horto." Find her online at and @jsmarie on Twitter.

Christopher JonesChristopher Jones
Christopher Jones is a communications professional living in the beautiful Chicago neighborhood of Ravenswood. When he's not writing, he's either training for a triathlon, getting grumpy about Illini basketball, or trying to overdose on coffee.

Evan F. MooreEvan F. Moore
Evan F. Moore is a Chicago-based freelance journalist whose work has appeared in Extra Community Newspaper and Community Media Workshop's We Are Not Alone/No Estamos Solos project on youth violence. He also has a blog called Fanning the Flames since 1978. Follow him at @ftf1978_evmoore.

Kara Elliott-OrtegaKara Elliott-Ortega
Kara is a student at the University of Chicago studying cultural production and American cities. When not pummeled by academia, she enjoys art, rocking out, and rabble rousing.

Antonio GarciaAntonio Garcia
Having lived in Edgewater, Humboldt Park and now Old Irving, Antonio is decidedly a Northsider. He's an interaction designer, DJ and illustrator and falls madly in love with Chicago just about every other week.

Mr. Dan KellyDan Kelly
Dan Kelly lives on the northwest side with his wife, son, and three graceless cats. He's written for the Reader and the Baffler and can usually be found gibbering about subjects like architecture, politics, film, comics, and Lisa Loeb on his blog.

Rose LanninRose Lannin
Rose came to Chicago by way of San Francisco and St. Paul, pursued higher education, and has been here ever since. Dull is how she rolls in her work life, but when not cheerfully steeped in routine she inhabits a colorful world of comic books, crafting, and saying she'll finally update an often-neglected blog. Email her at

Tim RolphTim Rolph
Tim Rolph grew up next door to O'Hare and let The Music Box convince him Chicago was worth moving to. A recent film school grad, he spends his afternoons editing documentaries and his nights hunting down large portions of Mexican food, which can be great without being good.

Christian ScheuerChristian Scheuer
Christian, an artist, photographer and builder of things, works for a small gourmet bakery in Evanston, bringing sweet goodies to the masses in various coffee shops in and around Chicago. In his downtime, he makes "stuff for people who like stuff" and keeps a blog about his varied interests in design and things with wheels.

Erin WatsonErin Watson
Erin is delighted by Chicago, though she occasionally pines for the temperate weather and tasty barbecue of her past life in North Carolina. When not bicycling, reading, photographing, making things, or rocking out, she occasionally writes at


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