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Tuesday, April 21

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About Us

About Tailgate

Tailgate is the sports section of Gapers Block, covering all Chicago sports, big and small.


Chad RuterChad Ruter, Sports Editor
Chad is a native Illinoisan who narrowly escaped the farmland in the northwest corner of the state to make it into The Windy City. He fell in love with the Chicago sports teams because they shared the same Ch- as his name does. He now regrets this and wishes his parents named him Boris since Boston has recently won a title in every sport. You can email him at


Benjamin CannonBenjamin Cannon
Benjamin Cannon holds a couple of Bachelor's degrees, and is doing precisely the opposite of what they prepared him to do. He is passionate about graphic design, comedy, and Epicurean pursuits, yet none of these trump his love for soccer. His love for sports came on suddenly, fully-formed, while in art school—in time to be buffeted amid the emotional torrent that was the 2003 Cubs season—and has only grown since. He is a resident of Uptown, which he hopes will get its act together one of these days, can be found on Twitter or at his personal site, and he hopes you'll join him on this journey with the beautiful game.

Mike ChamernikMike Chamernik
Mike attends DePaul University, majoring in journalism. He loves Chicago and knows more about sports (and world geography) than he should. He spends a majority of his time working two internships, completing schoolwork, and playing NFL 2K5 for Play Station 2.

Jim CragoJim Crago
Jim Crago is a graduate of DePaul University with a focus in Journalism. He has covered DePaul women's basketball, and spent a brief period covering Indiana University athletics in the late-90s. He and his wife Ann have a beautiful dughter Mary Frances, and live in the great neighborhood of Lincoln Square.

Andrew HuffAndrew Huff, Editor & Publisher
Andrew works deep into the night at his West Ridge two-flat, writing and editing and playing with the cats. He spends more time online than is healthy; follow along at

Bill MayeroffBill Mayeroff
Bill is a left-handed man living in a right-handed world. He's also a rabid White Sox fan (despite growing up on the far North Side), body-modification enthusiast and drinker of bitter coffee and bitter beer. After five years as a reporter in the Quad Cities, he's back in Chicago freelancing, making snarky comments via Twitter and his personal blog and taking pictures.

Melinda McIntireMelinda McIntire
Melinda is a local Chicago writer and blogger. You can find her on Tumblr at, writing about the single life in Chicago at, and living out her last few days as a twenty-something. She is co-producer of the Solo in the Second City reading series, which you guessed it, is a collection of writers commiserating and celebrating the hilarity that is dating and single life in Chicago. She is scared of birds, can’t snap her fingers, and is searching for the man and/or manhattan of her dreams.

Kevin MorrisKevin Morris
Kevin Morris is an Illinois native who tried a year in Massachusetts and came right on back. Now in Chicago, he is free to continue his lifelong love affair with the city's high school basketball and White Sox. Kevin is co-founder and contributor to the literature blog DBC|Reads.


Jim ReedyJim Reedy
Jim moved here at the start of 2010, fulfilling his destiny as a fourth-generation Chicagoan. He grew up in the Boston suburbs with some of the nation's best and most obnoxious sports fans, but 10 years in Virginia stripped away most of that Northeast provincialism. He rooted for Frank Thomas and Michael Jordan in the early '90s because they wore really cool uniforms.

Matt WillensMatt Willens
The managing partner of Willens Law Offices and an adjunct professor at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Matt is concerned about and involved in many causes although one is becoming a passion -- Bicycle Rights and Safety in Chicago and throughout Illinois. You can read more about bicycle accidents and safety at Feel free to contact him at


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