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Saturday, August 29

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Foodporn Fri Aug 28 2015

Friday Foodpic: Peaches

20228089923_627a853e49_z.jpgPicture by Renee Rendler Kaplan from the Drive-Thru Flickr Pool.

Robyn Nisi / Comments (1)

Random Wed Aug 26 2015

A Glossary of Common Menu Adjectives

Amish: This chicken was raised without electricity and fear.
Asian: Something involving miso, Sriracha, fish sauce, shitake mushrooms, or shishito peppers.
Blistered: Like sunburnt skin, except less prone to cancer.
Charred/Seared: Charred applies to exquisite steaks and cleverly disposed-of bodies, as well your local kale and lettuce. Seared is a weaker char.
Cured: Salty, seasoned, wonderful meatstuffs.
Duck Fat: Duck fat fries, rillette, popcorn, confit, Brussels sprouts -- never skip this menu item.

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Judy Wu / Comments (0)

Feature Wed Aug 26 2015

A Historical Glimpse into the Italian Beef Sandwich

ItalianBeef.jpgPhilly has its Cheesesteak, Miami has the Cubano, and even Iowa has the Loose Meat Sandwich. Just about every American city boasts its own iconic sandwich, but there may not be one shrouded in such historical mystery and worthy of such passionate controversy (Which is best: Al's? Buona? Mr. Beef? Johnnie's?) as the Italian Beef.

Never had one? That's crazy! Are you a real Chicagoan? Let me describe it to you.

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Jeanne Newman / Comments (5)

Foodporn Fri Aug 21 2015

Friday Foodpic: Top Notch Beef Burger

tnbb.jpgSubmit your pics to the Drive-Thru Flickr Pool.

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Foodporn Fri Aug 14 2015

Friday Foodpic: Dogs

4520235735_f505bbe38d_z.jpgPicture by Dan Gaken from the Drive-Thru Flickr Pool.

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Recipe Tue Aug 11 2015

Make This Ice Cream in Your Office Freezer

5034578144_017b7b5214_o.jpgLike Kanye, I like my ice-cream creamy and voluptuous. Except unlike Kanye, I don't need the finest things in life. Hence, a lazy ice-cream recipe I concocted in the office, for the office:

1. ¼ cup white sugar (12 packets of sugar--Slowly hoard these at your desk so colleagues don't judge you.)
2. 0.4 cup of heavy cream (Don't use those half & half cups; buy heavy cream at lunch or bring from home.)
3. 1 tbsp coffee grind (I like to use half a French Vanilla Keurig cup.)

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Foodporn Fri Aug 07 2015

Friday Foodpic: No Ramen, No Life

20056056965_1a420a99f8_z.jpgPicture by Seth Anderson from the Drive-Thru Flickr Pool.

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Event Thu Aug 06 2015

Chicago Hot Dog Fest Takes Over Lincoln Park this Weekend

hotdogfest.pngFinally, a weekend combining learning and eating. The Chicago History Museum puts on a three-day lovefest for the hot dog starting this Friday in Lincoln Park (Clark and LaSalle), featuring the stylings of local joints such as Fatso's Last Stand and Chubby Wieners, music from a very long list of tribute and cover bands (Led Zeppelin!) and other rockers. But the real draw will be the lecture series on the history and cultural significance of the hot dog--especially in a city that takes them so seriously that certain places won't even serve ketchup to keep their integrity intact--with historians like NU prof Bill Savage, Bruce Kraig and Rich Bowen speaking. Admission free; event runs 11am-9pm Friday and Saturday, 11am-8am Sunday.

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Foodporn Fri Jul 31 2015

Friday Foodpic: Expat

20070829421_4af5bdaff3_z.jpgPicture by Adrienne Cragnotti from the Drive-Thru Flickr Pool.

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Review Mon Jul 27 2015

Multi-Layered Modern Tacos in West Loop

rsz_img_0078.jpgMás is a modern Mexican restaurant in the West Loop, serving "upscale" tacos with lots of toppings. People are finicky about their tacos, and since its opening, the restaurant has reworked its menu quite a few times. Attracted by its sleek décor, I recently dined there to make my own judgments.

The guacamole at más is fresh and filled with jalapenos, and the accompanying root chips are an interesting (though brittle) twist on traditional tortilla chips. For the "ceviche", order the cola amarilla (yellowtail, sweet potato, chile de arbol ponzu sauce), an untraditional twist that looks and tastes more like spicy sashimi. Like many other items on the menu, the dish is Asian-influenced and quite delicious.

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Judy Wu / Comments (1)

Foodporn Fri Jul 24 2015

Friday Foodpic: Corn!

cornnnn.bmpPicture by Renee Rendler-Kaplan from the Drive Thru Flickr Pool.

Robyn Nisi / Comments (0)

Event Fri Jul 24 2015

The Ultimate Dinner Party


The appeal of most underground supper clubs is that they are secret-- sexy, slightly illicit dining for the in-the-know crowd. But the new pop up dinner series Filigree Suppers goes beyond the supper club model, elevating the best parts of an intimate dinner party without the exclusivity.

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Annie Conway / Comments (0)

Review Fri Jul 24 2015

Unconventional Disappointment at Bohemian House

rsz_img_0061.jpgI first dined at Bohemian House in River North last year, and my overwhelmingly positive experience with the food and service inspired me to return again. Which was unfortunate, since my recent experience showcased a water-downed menu with lackluster execution.

The appetizer knackwurst sausage was decent--nothing overwhelming exciting or memorable--but I wouldn't get it again. The salt and vinegar chips were surprisingly good--sour, salty, and just a whiff of bacon smoke all over. Hidden underneath kale, the Chicken Paprikash with yogaball-sized dumplings--or grilled chicken in thick paprika roux--tasted like muddled disappointment. Either the sauce or the chicken lacked salt and acid, though I really couldn't tell which one.

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Judy Wu / Comments (0)

Bar Thu Jul 23 2015

The "New" Villains Prevails

villains01.jpg"Where's Printers Row?" my friend--who works in the neighboring West Loop--asked me. I jumped to explain, throwing out some vague geographical tidbits and something about the annual Printers Row Lit Fest (which I love and have attended regularly ever since moving to Chicago about five years ago). However, I struggled to truly pin an identity to the area. I don't know, it's nice? There's a lot of student housing around there?

Villains, originally debuted in 2007 as a neighborhood bar on Clark Street across from its current "resurrected" incarnation, is doing the work for me by giving us out-of-neighborhooders something to remember Printers Row by. The updated Villains wants to stand out, and does so by pairing an out-of-the-box beer selection with beautifully executed food that excels far beyond the realm of typical "pub grub." There was some love put into this place, and it shows: the interior is spacious and plush, with thoughtful features such as a knob placed next to each booth by which guests can control the intensity of the lighting over their particular area (!!).

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Danielle Snow / Comments (2)

Event Thu Jul 23 2015

CoffeeCon Not Just for Coffee Pros

ccin.jpgCoffeeCon Chicago is coming to town this Saturday at Morgan Manufacturing (401 N. Morgan St.) from 9 am to 4 pm. This festival differs from other national coffee conventions in that it's largely designed for coffee consumers and home brewers, not coffee professionals. Whether you're simply looking to cut ties with your Keurig or you're a manual-method master, there will likely be something here for you.

General admission grants attendees access to unlimited coffee tastings from twenty different roasters, panel discussions led by top industry experts, prize giveaways, and interactive classes on topics ranging from how to use a Chemex or Areopress to latte art and grind technique.

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Jessica Easto / Comments (0)

Feature Wed Aug 26 2015

A Historical Glimpse into the Italian Beef Sandwich

By Jeanne Newman

Philly has its Cheesesteak, Miami has the Cubano, and even Iowa has the Loose Meat Sandwich. Just about every American city boasts its own iconic sandwich, but there may not be one shrouded in such historical mystery and worthy of...
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Arcade Brewing 1st Anniversary @ Chop Shop

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