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News Wed Jul 25 2007

When they reach 200...

200 was the number when the city's health inspectors stop counting the fruit flies that infest the State Street Macy's food court. According to the Consumerist and Chicago Tribune, the city health inspectors shut down the lower-level food court of the Macy's State Street on Monday, following a recent inspection after a customer complained that s/he became sick from their pre-packaged salad.

Apparently the Macy's employees didn't find it problematic when:

a) fruit flies flew around freely
b) a sink leaked
c) a floor drain clogged up, sending the waste water backward (i.e., up to the kitchen floor)
d) grease and bits of food covered the area around the inside trash bin

As of Tuesday, the food court was still closed. It's sort of pathetic that a name-brand department store gets its food court shut down; after all, it's not a neighborhood burrito place of questionable repute.


anonymous / July 26, 2007 6:47 PM

so, neighborhood burrito places are held to a lesser degree of cleanliness than mall food courts?

Can you name one dining establishment in this city that you have not seen any fly activity, inside or out by the patio?

do you know the many ways fruit flys can enter a dining establishment this time of year (including customers!)?
before passing judgement on this one out of many places that has experienced nothing except a normal chicago summer, ask yourself these above questions and look at the place where you prepare food.
now ask yourself where you go out to eat and be realistic about the expectations you have about the cleanliness of the 4 star places to the burrito houses.
also, grow up, wash your own hands, stop blaming others for your tummy aches and realize each place you eat out, you are putting your self into someone else's hands

Yu / July 27, 2007 8:21 AM

This is what's on my mind.

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