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Wednesday, April 16

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News Wed Jun 25 2008

Lazy Ice Cream Journalism

Apparently, Forbes Traveler doesn't feel like it's necessary to visit Chicago. Or they don't think we're much of an ice cream town. That's the impression I get from this Forbes Traveler article about America's best ice cream, which trots out the old workhorse of Margie's Candies. The brief even includes a mention of Al Capone, who "rumored" to be a "repeat customer." Yeesh.

Sure, there's 80 years of history in Margie's, but it's cramped, cluttered and not all that comfortable, especially on busy nights when there are waiting hordes standing in every available space, often boring a hole in the back of your head as they try to will you to finish and leave. Not to slam a Chicago legend, but the city has a wealth of independent ice cream shops that offer better ice cream in a more appealing space.

We've talked about ice cream more than once in Detour, highlighting some of your many options. If Forbes wanted a classic destination, why not feature the Original Rainbow Cone, a South Side institution with at least as much history as Margie's — I'm sure they could scare up some notorious mobster to mention, too.

Or how about one of the amazing modern shops, like Bobtail with its tasty custom flavors — where else will you find merlot-chocolate chip alongside stalwart vanilla and chocolate?

Chris L / June 29, 2009 1:11 AM

I love Bobtail and wish they were everywhere!

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