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News Wed Feb 01 2012

Wormhole Coffee + Growing Power = Black Gold

compost.jpgWicker Park's friendly coffee shop, the Wormhole, is staging an all out assault on our local landfill. After kicking their greening efforts into over drive on Jan 1, Wormhole is now composting and recycling 80 percent of their waste, mostly comprising of coffee grounds and biodegradable cups. Currently they are cranking out 250 pounds of compostable material per week, but rather than dump that in our landfill, Wormhole has hooked up with Growing Power to see their trash turned into black gold. Growing Power, who has five urban farm projects in the Chicago area, swings by Wormhole twice a week to pick up 15- to 25-gallon tubs and will add this waste to help heat up their compost throughout the city.

In other news, come Feb. 20, Wormhole will be closing up shop for a brief remodel to change the layout of the store and will reopen March 5. They also hope to be a host pick up site for Growing Power market baskets and a drop off spot for Wicker Park community compost. Details on those developments and more can be found on their blog.


Leon Lynn / February 3, 2012 3:13 PM

It's been my privilege to volunteer at Growing Power in Milwaukee. There's nothing to match the site of a million worms rising out of their resting place after you dump half a ton of old coffee grounds on them. I swear you can hear them going "Yee ha!"

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