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Tuesday, March 28

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The Mechanics
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Daley Wed Dec 03 2008

Day by Daley, Wednesday 3 December

Like sands through the hour glass, this is the Daley of our lives.

Won't Someone Please Think About the Children? I wonder sometimes about what parts of Chicago will actually be owned by future generations of Chicagoans, since Mayor Daley is so happy to auction off public property he doesn't own. If each generation only owns the world "in usufruct," as Thomas Jefferson said, Mayor Daley is going to prove to be a pretty poor caretaker of what was his to care for for only a blink in time.

Today, the parking meters have been auctioned off! Funny, I never found any real problem with the parking meters -- I seem to recall getting a ticket nearly every time I stayed at an expired meter, and from what I can gather, that's basically the entire point -- but apparently we need to make our parking meters more "efficient" by introducing market forces. If that sounds ridiculous and impossible, that's because it is. People aren't going to go to different meters because of their brand name, right? They're going to park where they need to park when they need to park (hey, kind of like health care, now that I think about it).

But one big advantage: inviting a private company to do the collections means you can kick more and more people out of living wage public sector jobs and privatize them. Don't you love it when working Chicagoans get the boot? The Mayor and City Council apparently do.

...meanwhile, your city services... Not getting much improved.

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WrongWay / December 3, 2008 1:55 PM

I know its popular to bash Daley, but do you have any reccomended alternatives to raiseing this money?? Maybe you'd like a tax increase? It seems NO ONE wants to cut spending, so auctioning off our city is the only recourse.

Paige / December 3, 2008 4:01 PM

The reason people like to bash Daley for privatizing the city is the strange way money gets distributed in Chicago. In Roger's Park, for instance, instead of offering assistance to the low-income dental and medical facilities or job-finding services, new art deco architecture appeared at the Howard St bus terminal (which now sits in the shadow of a just-finished and EXTREMELY empty high rise complex).

I get the whole arguement for beautifying the city, but new light fixtures and stamped concrete are like a coat of paint on a collapsing wall.

Invest in the people and the beauty will follow.

franchise chicago / December 3, 2008 5:09 PM

Chicago is so notorious for changing neighborhoods. Lincoln Park, Lakeview, Bucktown, Wicker Park etc... I remember living in wicker park in a cheap a$$ loft ( we made rent by after hours parties when Crobar closed for the evening), the only caucasians walking down the street were crack heads, now there are still are crack heads but they are either pushing strollers or driving BMW's with MI plates. The social and economic change is unbelievable. Where did all my oldschool crackheads, gang bangers, displaced low income families go? GEntrification...all the unfavorable elements from the gentrified neighborhoods converged in areas of the city where people, families were unprepared to deal with the heavy influx of displacement of crime and poverty. They either moved out or became a part of the downfall of the area. BUT HEY we've now got a cool hip FREAKIN EXPENSIVE areas like Wicker Park, Bucktown, Lakeview etc. The only people who live in these Gentrified areas are the only peolpe who can afford to (Daley/Stroger Cronies and their rich new friends from around the nation and the world (airport expansion anyone?). I blink for one second and the face of Chicago has changed.

I apologize for the rant...but my point.

The Machine has been slowly driving Chicagoans out of Chicago by their socioeconomic tools. They have already set a distinctive border...COOK COUNTY (highest sales tax in the nation). It will be worse,when the Machine gets his 2016 Olympics by trampling Chicago families. OBAMA being from Chicago has also excelerated their plans. The Machine is making room by pushing us out.
Ever wonder why they are still building these exclusive high rise condos everywhere in this economy? And we question this parking sell off.

"Knock, knock"

...OH...well I've gotta go now, its the city building inspectors. They said my building is not in code, I can't afford to get it into code, well I behind on my realestate taxes any ways, I just sell it and move out. Luckily, a caucasian guy in a nice suit called me the other day and wanted to by my property. It's not the price i wanted but oh well. See ya!

Billy Boowinkle / December 4, 2008 1:59 PM

I think htat they should kick Daley in the butt!

Carfree Chicago / December 5, 2008 12:15 AM

There's nothing ridiculous about introducing some market forces into parking. Driving is not a necessity like health care, and we should not be promoting the kind of planning and development that would make it a necessity. Driving should be a convenience that people pay for -- not one that is subsidized by the city. There are other options to get around if someone doesn't want to pay the costs of driving. When it comes to my living space, I have to pay the market rate, but when it comes to your parking space, heaven forbid you pay the true cost! Changing parking rates to reflect the demand is a smart way to manage the demand and make best use of a limited supply without having to blanket our city in asphalt. The money could be spent on things we should actually subsidize, like more efficient means of transport and affordable housing, as well as spent on covering the costs of maintaining the roads and bridges that drivers enjoy for free.

I think the greatest faults in this deal are that the city could have benefited much more if it raised the rates itself and collected all of the revenue, and the revenue should have been reinvested back into our transportation system so that it gets easier to get around rather than just more expensive.

Wrongway -- we could potentially find the money to fill the budget hole in the TIF black hole.

franchise chicago / December 9, 2008 10:38 AM

I can't wait to see ...the "middle class car free" city and if there happens to be a "middle class car" in the city, I'm sure it will be pulled over by cops...because they don't belong there...cause the priority by the machine to city cops are really just separate the "undesirables" out of the clean beautiful city. Where the only vehicles that are in the city are the HUGE gas guzzling, over the top, SUV's, BMW's, Mercedes and the Bentley's etc. Oh of course don't forget the Daley approve bicycles being hit and trampled by such vehicles. YES we can all look from the distance in the crime ridden, poverty stricken outskirts of the city where our children can dream about moving into that shining, beautiful city of Chicago.

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