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Sunday, December 10

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Elections Sun Jan 31 2010

Xavier Nogueras Hit Piece in 8th District

A nasty hit piece hit residents of the 8th Cook County Commissioner's district. Coming from the phantom "Taxpayers Coalition Initiative" which provides no return address, the piece delves into Nogueras' tenure with the Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce and unpaid water bills. The piece is huge--22x17--full color, glossy. The 60647 post office, from where the piece originated, did not provide information on the owner of the "Permit #1" used to send the piece out.

Nogueras' opponent, Ed Reyes, is an ally of 33rd Ward boss Dick Mell, who engineered his elevation to the seat after Roberto Maldonado was appointed by Mayor Daley to replace Billy Ocasio, who in turn was appointed to Governor Quinn's staff after he replaced Rod Blagojevich. To get that straight: Blagojevich gets impeached, Quinn taps Ocasio, Daley taps Maldonado, Maldonado pushes for Nogueras to replace him but gets outmaneuvered Mell.

The Nogueras campaign offered this comment:

We are certainly aware of the piece. It is without a doubt a last minute effort from the Reyes campaign to make up for what has been a rough couple weeks on their end. The Fox story [Cf., This] really knocked the wind out of them. This particular hatchet job should be called for what it is. We put our name out front and center in every mailer we send out.

Some scans of the piece (hard to get, given its size) after the jump.





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A New Day in Cook County / January 31, 2010 9:02 PM

Commissioner Reyes likely contracted this out to one of three people:

Kevin Lamm- Political Staffer and Chief of Staff to Luis Arroyo

Bruce Anderson- an IVI-IPO member who is going "rogue" in order to fall in line behind Joe Berrios and Dick Mell.

Jesse Juarez-1st Ward Democratic Committeeman. Jesse is Berrios' Luca Brasi. Many of us in the 1st ward are left scratching our head thinking: "How on earth did Manny Flores get himself mixed up in all this?"

Whoever is responsible, they were obviously acting on Eddie Reyes' behalf. Fortunately, voters are turned off by this type of stuff. I received it and shared a laugh with all my neighbors because we all knew it was over for Reyes anyway.

Marco Polo / January 31, 2010 9:49 PM

Yeah, I just got this in the mail. Confirmed my already-made decision to vote for Nogueras (I like Maldonado flunkies better than Berrios flunkies)

Derrick / February 1, 2010 2:59 AM

It wasn't so long ago that these old-schoolers used to plant bombs, slash car tires and fire shots at political opponents.

One of the bills they say Nogueras hasn't paid actually says "proof of payment." LOL

Chris / February 1, 2010 8:20 PM

It was most likely Juarez. The same sort of mailer went out against Rey Colon when Juarez was helping out Vilma and Mell in '07. I think that Kevin is a better speller and he has more class than this.

1stWardResident / February 4, 2010 3:49 PM

I also received the mailer. I also noticed that it didn't have a return address or a "paid by" stamp, yet I wouldn't be quick to say it was from Reyes. It could have very well been Ariel Rosa. Nogueras is not the best politician and the people's voice was heard at the ballot. The 1st Ward, regardless of where Flores stands, supported and will continue to show support to Edwin Reyes.

Ariel / September 24, 2010 2:39 PM

Im sorry to dissapoint but it was not me.
it is very sad that this is what politics in chicago has turned to. let me say that I ran a clean race and if I did not win, so be it. the voters decided. I will respect the voters rights the same way I expect them to respect my right to run. There is a reason why even as a third candidate on the ballot, my name was seldom mentioned in this race, and yet no one can deny that the voters that stuck with me til the end truly had an impact on the outcome. Either way, Im sure all concerened were doing what they thought best for the district. At least i want to believe that. I know I was .

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