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Saturday, September 26

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IL-SEN Sat Dec 04 2010

Durbin Votes With GOP On Extending Bush Cuts For Up To $1 million

Speaking of Illinois senators, today the Senate held two votes on the Bush tax cuts. The first was to retain the Bush-era tax cuts for incomes only up to $250,000. The second was to do the same for incomes up to $1 million. Both bills were defeated. A number of Democrats voted against each respective bill. According to Talking Points Memo, the Democrats who voted with the GOP on the second bill included Illinois's Sen. Dick Durbin:

The vote was 53-36. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), Dick Durbin (D-IL), Tom Harkin (D-IA) Lieberman and Feingold voted with the GOP on the second. That vote was 53-37, and reflected progressives' unease with redefining the middle class at the $1,000,000 income threshold.

It's a little strange for the progressive Democrat and current Majority Whip to vote with the GOP against a measure to extend tax cuts to people making up to a $1 million considering he's one of 11 members of the fiscal commission that supported a $3.8 trillion plan to cut the deficit. The commission did not come to a consensus on the plan but, again, Durbin was in favor of the plan (with reservations) showing his interest in passing some kind of tax cut extension legislation for the middle class. Many progressives say ending the Bush tax cuts for Americans making $250,000 and above would not hurt the middle class and help reduce the deficit.

I was unable to reach a spokesman for Durbin today for comment.

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Freddie / December 4, 2010 11:25 PM

By Tax cut compromise does he mean do whatever the Republican­s say? This is such a joke. I voted for obama. Am a huge Liberal. I think the man himself is incredible and his story is inspiratio­nal. But GOSH I wish I had another candidate to choose from. It hurts my stomach because I know once he starts campaignin­g again he's gonna win me over with his talk and speeches, because the guy is an incredible mind. But he has absolutely no guts, and no loyalty to the people who not only voted for him...but spent 2 years campaigning­g for him to get elected.The fact is the tax cuts more the middle class people really isn't all that much. If you make less than 50K it's really not all that noticeable­. I am FOR the tax cuts for less than 200K or even 1 million, however...­is it worth it to give people who make 50K an extra $1000 to give all these millionair­es millions of dollars that they don't need? The answer is no. Let them all expire. Republican­s say they won't do business until a deal is reached? Then go at them every single day about how they are stopping government from working like little children. How is this a hard strategy to understand­? The Democrats are on the right side of every argument and usually have the majority of opinion on their side....Ho­w are they losing this? It's amazing.

پیش ساخته / December 5, 2010 3:45 AM

I want call them out , I think i will call them heroes. We need the President Bush tax cuts continued across the board.There are many small businesses that would have suffered a tax increase they can't handle had obama and the liberals had their way and been able to push through a TAX INCREASE on small businesses making $1M and up. You don't get it.Small businesses drive this country!!! Listen to the voters!!! Oh, and by the way this is just one of many congressional votes the liberals will lose so get used to it.Let me make a prediction for you, Hillary will challange and defeat obama for the democratic nomination next election.Talk to you soon and don't forget to watch Sarah palin's Alaska Sundays at 9PM.

Eazy / December 5, 2010 6:44 AM

To those of you who like the talking point of saying small buisneses drive this country. There are less than 2% of the country that make over a million dollar income annually, and at a 4% increase in their tax over a million, that is 40,000 dollars. Sounds like alot but that is just ONE average annual income so how is one empoyee costing busineses to fail because of bushs tax cuts ending?

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