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Education Mon Dec 12 2011

Conflicting Views Over Possible 36th Ward Charter School

The United Neighborhood Organization wants to build a new charter elementary school in the 36th Ward's Galewood neighborhood. Alderman Nicholas Sposato might have something to say about that.

Tomorrow morning, concerned parents and students plan to attend a Zoning Committee meeting to object to Sposato's, well, objections. The school, which would occupy a now vacant lot at 2102 N. Natchez Avenue, would enroll 576 students — and, touts the UNO, create hundreds of much-needed jobs as well as improve education opportunities for students.

The UNO has a friend in the Chicago Tribune, which published an editorial in favor of the new charter, which Sposato may be opposing due to pressure from the Chicago Teachers Union.

WHERE: Zoning Committee Meeting at Chicago City Hall, City Council Chambers (121 N. LaSalle Street)

WHEN: Tuesday, December 13, 10am

CONTACT: Ray Quintanilla, UNO Communications Director. 312-505-7862


Galewood / December 13, 2011 9:25 AM

Gapers Block appears to have a clear agenda on this issue based on the above article. What they don't understand are the local dynamics of the Galewood and Montclare neighborhoods and the activist community there. I ask that you get out and visit and talk to the people who are living there. Are you afriad of a little journalism? Why not report on the excellent schools that are already in the area such as Sayre, Dever, and Bridge? Why not report on the fact that this is one of the few areas in the city that are highly integrated and well-functioning in terms of low crime, well-maintained and growing?

What are the alderman's concerns? Is he pro-union? Does he want this school available to local children? Did you know that this school is open to all the children of Chicago and it is not a neighborhood school? This school could potentially have no impact on the crowded schools in the community.

Where is your reporting on UNOs connections to Mayor Emmanuel?

This is typical Chicago politics. One organization with influential ties and alot of money wants something done and they get upset when they have to put the brakes on and accept compromises and community input. Let's take a few months and get this school right for the local community so that this school can be successful for everyone!

Andrew Huff / December 13, 2011 9:51 AM

Galewood, if you take a look at our CPS coverage, you'll see that the Mechanics staff is decidedly mixed on the topic of charter schools. Also, you ask where our coverage of the UNO-Emanuel connection is? Right here.

Galewood / December 13, 2011 10:23 AM

Your article reads like an UNO press release down to providing contact information for UNO.

Andrew Huff / December 13, 2011 11:22 AM

That's because it's based on a press release -- it's an announcement for an event, for crying out loud.

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