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Saturday, March 2

Gapers Block

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So it was my birthday on Friday. 27. Not a big birthday. Not a milestone or my golden birthday. Just a birthday. I went to the movies and got some mussels at the Hopleaf. It snowed. I rode the bus and thought about some big questions. Should we have kids? Am I really happy in my career? And will I ever put the baseboards in my kitchen?

Here's what other people did on their birthdays.

B-day in two days!!! Need to make some better plans - 22
So okay my "champange birthday" is on the 23rd and so far my plans have bombed. I was planning to go out and party. Okay so anyway, i'm 5'9" brown eyes, brown hair. No i don't have a six pack or plan to have one anytime soon. I have a fairly open mind, i'm up for pretty much anything. I listen to all types of music.. except country and most latin music. Ah yes.. i am Latin.. like mexican/el salvadorian/spainard. No i don't cut grass or clean pools.. lol So i'm looking for a female between the ages of 21-30. I'm not really picky either. Just don't be boring or too shy. A pic would be great. Yeah so that's all i can think of right now.. BTW i do work and so should you.. TTYL!

Manuel hadn't had a real date since sophomore year. Her name was Lorie and they went out for six weeks. They had sex three times. One day, he went to hold her hand in line at the dining hall and she pulled away and never came back. Manuel got over it in a couple weeks but never had the courage to ask out another girl. But his sister wouldn't quit nagging him and his best friend found a girl. Plus, Manuel was tires of curling up with a pillow in order to fall asleep at night.

Birthday boy - mw4mw - 23
My boyfriend is turning 24 soon and I'd like to get him something a little naughty this year. We'd like to have some fun with another couple or another woman. He's not interested in guys, but I'd like to be with another girl. We're both good looking (if I may say so); I'm blonde, green eyes, 5'7'' 128; he's about 6' and I'm not sure how much he weighs. He's muscular, works out alot; dirty blonde and a great lover.

Ideally I'd like for us to (safely) hook up with people who are sexy, fun, laid-back and of course drug/disease free. well 420 is ok and alcohol of course, but you know what i mean. please email me some pics (real please, not far away/fuzzy) and I'll send you some pics and we can go from there. Guys don't just send pics of your weiner. That's just frightening. =)

Keely got 12 pictures of wieners and 16 pictures from interested couples. There were two she that she thought were really good. One, George and Sarah, were from Mundelein. They had swapped one time before, a year after they got married. It was fun so they figured why not? The other couple, Bo and Maggs, had been dating for three months. Bo sent the photo. He figured Maggs would be into it, especially if they got high first. Keely thought Bo and Sarah were hot, but didn't really care for George and Maggs. In the end, she went with George and Sarah. Because Keely would never run into them at the Western Avenue Dominick's.

It's my BIRTHDAY and I'm depressed!!!! - m4w - 31
Ok... this really sucks. I just had a reasonably crappy day and because it's monday (woo hoo... monday... party time) there's basically nothing going on. Now, on any other monday that would be fine. But, today is my BIRTHDAY!!! What the fuck?! So, I just moved to Chicago this last summer and I still don't know a ton of people.

But, I have to admit, if I spend my birthday alone then I will have to say that being in Chicago sucks! Can I at least get laid?? Ok, so I'm NOW 31 yr old, 6'1", 185 lbs, tall and thin, nice body and great cock, and I'm great in bed... have nice hands and tongue and know how to use them. Does this sound interesting?

I can host. I can provide fun beverages (read: booze). I can provide multiple orgasms. I can provide a pic. Can you? So, let me know asap. I'm heading out for a couple hours but I'll be back later tonight. Let's make some fun happen!

Brittany often hooked up with guys on Craig's List. She spent all day in little twinsets, well-cut slacks and kitten heels. But when she responded to an ad and showed up at some guy's apartment, she felt dirty and dangerous. When she answered Kyle's ad, he asked her to meet him for drinks at a bar around the corner from his condo, she had no idea that he would be so perfect. They didn't sleep together that night. And she never looked at Craig's List again.

My best friend Birthday - w4m
Tonight at midnight my friend will turn 39, it is her day off but she is working , all she does is work and raise a 7 year old boy , she is soooo cooool, i hate her going to waste , she never does much for herself in the dating area tomorrow is her birthday but she is working as well 11pm to 7 am tonight and tomorrow 3 pm to 11 pm , i am searching for a brave good looking man to go to her work and bedazzle her , she works Blue angel on milwakee off foster in chicago she is waitress and beutiful , full figure great shape , there is got to be a few good sweeties left some one make her night you will love her funny , witty and needs a male friend : ) good luck 11 to 7 am tonight , midnight her birthday begins.

Steve knew the Blue Angel. He lived in Gladstone Park and often went there for a patty melt or some French toast. He even thought he knew the waitress the ad referred to. So he went there that night, and found the woman the ad described. Steve sat in her section. Pat came over to take his order and gave him a winning smile. But when she brought him his coke, she slammed it down on the table a little too hard.

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