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Tuesday, March 5

Gapers Block

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As we pointed out earlier this week, last Wednesday's free Decemberists concert spawned a shit-ton of Missed Connections ads. I'm sorry I missed out on swaying and jumping to "Los Angeles, I'm Yours" and "Valencia," but I spent 11 hours drinking at a company party. At some point, while you and Mr. Meloy were Crane Wife-ing it, I was playing a drinking game for, like, the third time in my life, during which I uttered the line, "I am the idiot savant of flip cup." Which is true, in fact.

But hats off to you, indie kids. You made eyes at each other, surely, but were probably too squirrelly from the weather and the sensitive/depressing lyrics to actually hook up. But I've enjoyed your Missed Connections ads, indeed.

Decemberists - w4m - 26
Sweaty bike boy pushing two bikes. You are uncommonly cute. I don't know if you saw me, but you had a lemond. Beautiful bike. I have one too, we should ride sometime.

Matt's girlfriend Trina was too freaked out (and, to tell you the truth, probably too drunk) to ride her bike home in the storm. But she didn't want to leave her bike at Millennium Park, so Matt agreed to push it up to his office at the Illinois Center. On the way there, the rain started in earnest and he watched the flickering sky with his ears still humming from the show. And all that he thought about, wincing when Trina's pedal smacked into his shin, was that girl in the the Smiths t-shirt with her hair in low ponytails.

Randolph brown line, post-Decemberists - w4m - 23
I don't remember if I saw you first at the show or waiting for the train, but you kept smiling at me every time I walked by you. I was hoping to continue the charade on the el until my friend called me down to the other end of the platform. I have short brown hair and I was wearing a light blue tank top and jeans. I feel completely ridiculous writing this but your smile intrigued me... what's your story?

Cady and her crew were heading up to Belmont for Pizza Capri when she began making boozy eyes at Toby. He was high out of his mind for the first time since college and was having a hard time keeping it together. But had they each been half sober, they'd have started chatting. And chatting would have led to coffee. And coffee would have led to a walk. And that walk would have led to sixteen months of pretty good times before Cady left for grad school.

Smirks and glances on the Brown Line, post Decemberists - m4w - 23 Hi,

You and I were standing in a crowd of Decemberists kids, about six feet apart on the Brown Line heading North. After a few stops, you took a window seat, and I kept standing.

You were wearing hooped earrings and have bangs that cross your forehead. I have a stubbly beard and was wearing a plain gray tee. I couldn't stop glancing and smirking at you - mainly because you're gorgeous - but also because you looked familiar (DePaul, maybe?).

Catching your eyes in the window reflection did it for me. I should have asked for your name and number. Hope you read this.

Therese didn't go to De Paul, but she had met Martin before at the Landmark on Clark.Well, not met so much, but they did have an exchange. He bought the last ticket for a sold-out screening. Therese was right behind him in line. And it would have been fine, because she's a way-the-cookie-crumbles type of gal. But he totally cut in line with his friend Pat at the last second, and screwed Therese out of her seat.

Brown shirt, pink tie at Decemberists show - w4m - 21
Brown shirt, pink tie at Decemberists show sitting with your friends. I loved your outfit and that you got so dressed up for the show. My friends all thought you were cute.

Brad was 16 and took the train in from Plainfield specifically to attend the show. He was, indeed, cute. Brad had just finished Catcher In the Rye and was half-hoping that by attending the show and sipping on the flask of his father's Johnnie Walker Blue, that he might meet a nice, slightly older girl who might lead him in his first sexual experience. That didn't happen, but he was handed a flier from Illinois PIRG looking for kids to canvass crowds for money. He called the next day, and was bugging people at farmers' markets within the week.

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