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Tuesday, April 16

Gapers Block

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I'll be in Boston on a business trip this week. I'm not really sure why, but this got me thinking about airplanes and the ease of travel. And how easy travel allows us to leave marks on so many places.

Craig's List has sites in a few of the places I've lived: Fresno, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara -- and Chicago. And in checking out the Missed Connection ads in these local Craig's, I found ads that centered around places I'd been.


Chocolate Beauty at the Dollar Store on Olive...
We exchanged glances and smiles at the Dollar Store on Olive. I was the older white guy.. you were the younger AA with a GREAT bod and azz. I sure would like to have some of that! Contact me please!!!

I lived in Fresno for nine months a few years ago. Because it's insanely cheap to live there, I didn't work much. I lost 40 pounds because I had the time to cook every meal and I worked out twice a day. And even though it's got a reputation for being a boring cow town where you refuel between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Fresno gave me some of the happiest, healthiest moments I've ever experienced.

So where does the Dollar Store fit into this? To stay the diet course, I'd treat myself to weird little shopping spree at the very Dollar Store featured in this ad. I amassed quite a collection of glittery barettes.


Dancing at Q's last saturday - w4m
I'm tall. you were tall. we were dancing.

I loved going to this nightclub on State Street in Santa Barbara. Actually, I went there way more after I graduated. I'd drive up from Los Angeles to hang out with my friend Jeff, who, consequently I was deeply, pathetically in love with. He later claimed to have had no idea this was so. Once, we were dancing at Q's and a girl came up to me to ask if he was my boyfriend (no, certainly not) and if she should ask him to dance. I told her that she shouldn't. Because he had Chlamydia.

This ad is also particularly weird for me because Jeff was (and, I suppose, still is) 6' 9". And I'm 6' 1".


Electric Lotus (friday night) - m4w
You are stunning -could not take my eyes off of you. I was far to aware that if I caught your look- I would not leave it - So discreetly and anonymously I want you to know: your smile, your eyes, and that ocean of yours touched my shore ---it was think of you. I am jealous I was not sitting with you. Where are you, and why have I not met you....? Describe my table and your guest and I will know it is you.

Oh, I actually have two stories about this place. Once, I went there with a co-worker and we sat next to the Scottish band Travis. That was cool. Another time, I went there, placed a to-go order for two full Indian dinners, and waited at the bar until they were ready. I spoke in a fakey British accent and pretended I was taking them home to my husband. Then, I went back to my ex-boyfriend's apartment (I was petsitting while he was on vacation) and ate both of them while watching Mr. Show.


Simon's Tuesday night - 25
I came in to have a beer after a long stressful day. You were sitting at the end of the bar talking to a woman... I didn't know if the two of you were together or not, either way I didn't have the nerve to talk to you. Perhaps another time?

I used to go to Simon's from time to time when I first moved to Chicago. I'd sit in the back in that weird area that looks like an old person's living room. I overheard an insane conversation in which a woman described her new job in a children's show at Navy Pier. The name of the show? Captain Naughty and the Case of the Missing Candy.

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