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Sunday, March 3

Gapers Block

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I hate pot smoking because it seems that pot is a gateway to nothingness. I add the "it seems" because I have never really had a pot experience.

My greatest fear is the silent black void. Not death, no. Silence, being trapped in my head. Which is why, precisely, that I have never really smoked pot. Once or twice, but not really. All the potheads I have known -- the pros, the wannabes, and the dabblers -- have described the pot experience as an intimate experience with one's own mind, devoid of ambition, and for some, the source of high anxiety.

Well, sign me up.

The drug I always wanted to do was cocaine. A furious, racing mind forming plots and plans? Yes! But, alas, nobody would ever give me any. Thank goodness for the wisdom of others.

But back to marijuana. It is popular. Especially on Craig's List. But not as "pot" nor "marijuana." No. No, as 420. Like that's some secret code.

WHAT IS 420??
WHAT DOES 420 MEAN?? (Craig's List Chicago)

Quickly, a firm, clear reply appears.

RE: 420 = marijuana
It's, like, secret code.(Craig's List Chicago)

But what does it really mean? Is it the address of San Rafael High School? The police code for pot? Does it matter? Now, it's a generic term for pot now, and it means a little something more.

420 daze for mature woman - m4w - 45
Feel like wasting a few hours away with a nice buzz?? remember the good old days.. college in the late 70's...

let's hang out.. get a little ripped... have a little fun.... (Chicago Craig's List)

Yes, indeed. This ad completely embodies the spirit of 420. More than just a high, 420 is an experience, fraught with lethargy and reverie. I over-romanticize it as what it feels like to float in a warm bath. But no, it's more like this:

420 dude and artificial vagina - 28
I want to get together with a couple of guys tonight to get naked, kick back and get really stoned with. Sit around and have some conversation, maybe talk about sexual experiences and really just chill. I have this artificial vagina that feels great to stick your cock in and maybe we could take our turns with it.

I can't host, so let me know if you are able to. 3- 5 guys would be perfect. Also, to avoid a lot of email bullshit, you must send a face and cock pic to get this put together quickly. I will respond with mine. (Craig's List Chicago)

Stupid, borderline retarded, low-rent fun. This is 420. A sitcom drug experience for fools. 420 is for people who say "Frisco" and "The Big Apple." This is a term for the tragically, terminally uncool.

Because there will always be the escape artist in search of the getaway Pinto, 420 will live on.

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