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Saturday, March 2

Gapers Block

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There's something very safe about scoping out people at lunch. Because very few people are fueled by booze, chutzpah and lust at noontime, the most you'll probably encounter is a shy half-smile or a clumsily proferred business card. And there's also the sheer democracy of lunch that perhaps inspires romance. We all have to wait in the line at Chipotle. Nobody gets cuts in the line for the work microwave. And you pretty much have to buss your own tables. It's a nice way to start a relationship.

Next in line at Salad Creations. - m4w - 23
You were next to me in line at Salad Creations by Union Station at around 1:30. I thought you were sexy in those jeans.

Brad hated Salad Creations because you weren't in charge of making your own salad. Instead, you just pointed to different ingredients and watched the counter guys expertly toss them together. But he felt like he would have more carefully controlled the portion of dressing, or delicate sprinkling of sunflower seeds. But that's where Brad's office mates chose to go and he went along for the ride. This was the first Tuesday that they went that they didn't have to hear Brad bitch about the restaurant's lack of jicama. And it was all thanks to Lindsey's brand-new Se7ens.

MM food court - you are the blonde... - m4w
I'm not sure why I'm doing this but it's friday, it's a little slow, and you caught my eye. You're blonde, wearing a dress, boots, hair pulled back. You were with others. I wanted to let you know you looked great :) Anyone catch your eye?

Judith had worked at the Merch Mart for a few years, but had never eaten there before Bluprint opened. Oh, sure, it was much more pricey than a sandwich at Potbelly or the free lunch she brought in her bike's pannier every morning, but she treated herself. She stopped near the food court to pick up a trash celebrity magazine to eat with her feast when she nearly smacked right into Craig. He'd seem her before, waiting in his elevator bank. Judith was scanning the cover of the magazine and didn't even notice Craig, who dodged her just in time. Later, at his desk with his Sbarro slice, he wished he hadn't.

Au Bon Pain - Lunchtime On Thursday - m4w - 38
We were both eating alone sitting across the room and facing each other. You have dark hair and eyes and were reading The Tribune. I have short,dark hair, was wearing a gray sweater, reading a book, listening to my iPod, eating soup, and trying hard not to stare at you. I caught you glancing my way a couple of times. I thought you were very pretty and intriguing looking. Perhaps next time we can eat alone, together?

Samantha had taken to eating at ABP after the Daley Plaza farmer's market days in the summer. And although the market had closed a month ago, she still went to the place with the yellow awning. Sam enjoyed looking up the calories and ingredients for the soups in the computer the restaurant kept just for that purpose. Thomas had a yen for goat cheese that day and got some sort of toasted sandwich there. He liked how she wiped her mouth with a napking after every soup sip. Sam thought his tie was a bit too short, but a lovely shade of cerulean. Next Thursday, Thomas will head back to Au Bon Pain looking for Sam. Then he'll follow her down the street to Argo Tea and finally work up the nerve to speak to her.

Deli during lunch - m4w
I saw you at a table with your friends eating lunch and couldn't stop looking at you....I was in a white shirt and tie....

"Which deli? Where?" Celia wanted to know. It was much too late for her to still be awake, but she wasn't particularly sleepy. It was freezing in her apartment, so there she sat, in front of her computer, wrapped in a comforter. Maybe this ad was about her. She frequented delis. Or maybe it wasn't. All she knew was that the novelty of insomnia had worn off and her super had yet to turn on the heat for the season.

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