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Saturday, March 2

Gapers Block

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This week, we're taking a presidential look at what to do this Monday. So, if you're off, celebrate the spirit of this holiday with a presidential point of view.

I am off on Monday and want to play. Lets make a date. - m4w

I am off on Monday for President's day. I can meet you at your place for a play date. Lets have a good time and play. Write me today and lets make plans for Monday.

Oh, he's a catch. He'll come over to your apartment with something yummy the cook made and read you obscure French poetry. Or he'll talk your ear off about how he's going to redo the garden in spring. And, hey, if you get bored, you can always braid his red hair.

Happy President's Day from a Playful Bearcub 31

I think our forefathers would want me to celebrate their special holiday weekend by having some naughty, naughty sex with hot dudes! Help me make the presidents proud!

I am a 31 year-old white guy. I am single. I am handsome, although a bit on the chubby side at 5'9", 230 pounds. I have brown hair, green eyes, and a goatee; my body is hairy and people tell me I have nice legs--they're big, anyway!

I like to make out, to be very sensual and playful; I like to suck a nice cock and get sucked myself--my dick is not all that big, at 5".

I particularly LOVE to eat ass and am a definite "ass man." Love a nice booty on a guy! And I can certainly get into fucking a sweet ass; I only play safe.

I prefer to travel, although that's not set in stone...

Let's celebrate, guys...invite me over to your oval office!

Oh my God, do you know how pissed T.R. was when the guys placed this ad and had all replies go to his work inbox? He got, like, eight super-nasty emails. T.R. tried to laugh it off, and invited the guys over for brews, to which he'd added a healthy dose of Ex-Lax. Fuck those assholes. Not, um, literally though.

Anyone have President's Day off? - m4w 28

I happen to have this day off and am wondering if any women or couples would like to get together on that Monday afternoon for some NSA action.

I am a MWM, 28, 6ft, athletic and attractive. This is nothing serious, just something where we could have some fun on a dreary February day. I'm a nice, normal guy but can be wild.

Please send pics and suggestions.

Charles tried on his nattiest suit and studied his profile. He was finally the perfect package. Great education, great job, and the women just fell at his Magli-shod feet. So unless you listened really, really close, you'd never hear the swamp roots in his voice.

Anyone Want To Play Monica Wollensky on President's Day? - m4w 45

Off work on Monday and seeking a special someone to spend the day with who is also off work. Days off are a perfect time to explore the impulsive, daring, intriguing, fun, wild, curious, wonderful side of you that M-F 8:30-5:00 never allows. Take a chance with me for coffee, conversation and, well, who knows. Hope to hear from you

Frederick couldn't have cared less that he spelled "Lewinsky" wrong. So what if he'd gotten it confused with the restaurant where he'd chugged so much Scotch in the past year that they had it ready for him when he walked in? The firm where he worked was in his family, and they always turned a blind eye to a hangover excuse. And he was thinking about getting in on this ethanol craze anyway.

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