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Sunday, March 3

Gapers Block

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Which came first, public transport or the missed connection ad? Nowhere else is it totally OK to look at strangers, debate their dating potential, maybe imagine them nude all while enjoying a book or some joe.

But of course I've covered this subject before, but with all the recent CTA construction and fare restructuring, I wondered if missed connections would take a hit. But after a quick tally, we see that love, everyone's favorite virus, is still thriving in the dirty cars of the el.

This week, we look at an ad for each of the lines (except for the Skokie Swift Yellow Line, which is generally devoid of amour) as well as take a quick look into the lives of the posters.

Red Line = 12 ads

Black leather jacket and purse, brown top and heels, in red line - m4w

I was seated across from you for a few minutes. You alighted at Clark and Division. You sure love your golden rings and bracelets. But I didn't see "that ring" which is why I'm writing. I'm not as young as I might look and I've got a great career. You're cool and composed. Men love that in a lady!

It annoyed Trevor, the sound of all her bracelets clanging together with each bump in the track. He hoped she wrote to him so he could take her out to dinner then throw her into a brick wall.

Brown Line = 8 ads

Brown Line southbound about 10 am this morning - w4m 21

you were standing, I was sitting and reading. I glanced up to ask my friend something,saw your georgeous blue eyes and stopped. You had on a backpack and backwards baseball cap. We got off at the same stop. I think you saw me too...interested?

His eyes were so much more interesting than the Burberry coat she bought later that afternoon.

Blue Line = 7 ads

blue line morning 2/8/06 - m4m - 38 cute white guy, leather brown jacket dress pants.. in the first cart around 8am. you where standing up on your cell phone. you had a nice hard on that was noticable you gave me a slight eye contact..would love to service that cock

Cynthia loved the responses she received to her bullshit ad, but not nearly as much as she loved the photos of doughy parts which accompanied them.

Purple Line = 2 ads

connection on the purple line express - m4m 25

(truncated by editor)

You look rather modest but you are rather neat and proper in your long black over coat. I very much like the way your pale blue dress shirt with French cuffs is accentuated by a very sharp striped tie set off against classic black cuffed trousers and nicely worn cap toe dress shoes. I am particularly fond of how your socks bunch up slightly around your thin ankles. Your sitting but you look rather trim and tight. You have the most delightful delicate features and soft skin. Tousled dark brown hair comes down over your brow slightly hiding your soft deep eyes. You're a hard sight to not admire.

I can't help but sneak peaks of you, Turning away quickly when you catch me, perhaps even stealing a glance of your own. You return to your book, although it seams that your eyes are often looking off to somewhere else. You drift off after a while and your heads bobs up and down with each click and clack as the train trudges on. You're startled by a noise and nearly leap from your seat nearly throwing your book. I hold in my chuckle and pretend not to notice as you sit there slightly embarrassed. The whole event was quite cute.

Paul had just taken a writing class from Barnes and Noble University. He was thinking of starting a blog, but hadn't gotten around to it yet. But he wanted to keep his blade sharp somewhere.

Green Line = 1 ad

Evidence Photographers International Council bag - m4w - 24

9:00am. I got on at the Ashland Green Line stop and we caught eyes for a nice long second. Then I sat in front of you with my back to you the whole time. Good move, yeah? When you got up to exit at the Oak Park Green Line stop, you decided on the further door so that you could look at me with your periphery vision. First of all, that's MY move! Also, you had that Evidene Photographers International Council bag. Oh, and you're cute.

It was the best thrift store purchase ever. She always got her own seat on the train, more than her fare share of second looks, and a free pass to act haunted.

Orange Line = 1 ad

Latino Cutie Orange Line 8pm ish - 24

I think you got on state and lake with a friend and you got off on pulaski. I've seen you one or two times before. You are very good looking, but I'm sure you know that :P I'm the latina with curly hair, sitting in the corner listening to my ipod sneaking peeks at you... want to get some coffee sometime?

Zola worked her ass off to go from Back of the Yards to Kellogg to Accenture. And every time her sister talked her into going home for family dinners, Zola realized how easy it would have been to stay.

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