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Reviews Tue Jul 19 2011

Action Double Feature #1 Review

The Double Feature line from resident comic super group Four Star Studios expands with a bang due to the release of Action Double Feature #1. Combining the talents of top-tier mainstream industry professionals on creator owned projects always brings out some of the best works in comics. Does Action Double Feature #1 measure up in a glorious heaping of explosions or does it succumb to being a weak in the knees fizzle?

A satisfying yes to the former.


The first part of this issue is comprised of a Jack Kraken, a squid-like covert spy, tale by writer Tim Seeley and artist Ross Campbell. I found the exploits of Jack Kraken to be engaging and brisk enough to whisk me away. There's a real Hellboy vibe to this segment but Kraken distinguishes himself from Big Red enough so the similarity is not glaringly obvious.

Operating in a world of humanoid offshoots, the full exploits of this seasoned covert agent have only been hinted at, providing only a glimpse at the expansive world building happening behind the scenes. This is further enhanced by Campbell's action orientated artwork that draws in the reader to the grittiness and dirt of a secret, basement level of reality.

The second offering from Action Double Feature #1 is centered on The Answer!, an exclamation point wearing man of action. Written by Dennis Hopeless and rendered by Mike Norton, the segment nicely juxtaposes a laid back, cruise ship vacationer, who ostensibly will feature prominently in future issues, with the undersea, Thunderball-esque derring-do of The Answer!

Although I wanted to understand more about the protagonist, I have a feeling it is Devin MacKenzie, the vacationer, who the reader is supposed to latch on to. Norton's artwork is crisp and clean as always and special recognition needs to be paid to colorist Mike Englert for bringing real depth and vibrancy to Norton's already slick pencils.

Double Feature is turning out some real hits that offer up story morsels big enough to satisfy but dainty enough to leave me wanting much more. I'm looking to revisit these characters in future editions and to examining the other offerings from these hometown comic heroes.


Joshua Emmons / July 19, 2011 11:55 AM

You can find more information about Double Feature comics at:!

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