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Saturday, April 1

Gapers Block

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Brian Lauvray / April 21, 2010 1:13 PM

Earth Day is also my birfday. I'll be getting drunk and then recycling the empties, but I do that already.

Nuke LaLoosh / April 21, 2010 5:08 PM

urm . . . going to the White Sox / Tampa Bay game -- at night -- under the lights -- but at least I'm taking the CTA.

Does it count that, year round, I'm trying to recycle more plastic and aluminum, and printing 4-pages-to-a-sheet at work whenever possible? Also, I've given up driving to the grocery store -- I just walk (at least when it isn't -35 outside).

Spook / April 21, 2010 5:43 PM

Depends on when it is? If it's on a Friday or Saturday then I will be drink'n get'n my swerrrrrve on

Brian Lauvray / April 22, 2010 8:27 AM

Re, Spook: Earth Day is every day.

Andrew Huff / April 22, 2010 10:38 AM

Gapers Block's Drive-Thru is having a contest.

Bill M. / April 22, 2010 10:40 AM

I'm going to do laundry at the laundromat that just installed high-efficiency washers. Exciting, no?

Carrie / April 22, 2010 12:08 PM

welp b/c I'm a big dork, I'm going to say it-- I kind of pretend Earth Day is every day. I know there's more I could do (compost, for example), but otherwise I'm always aware of how my actions might impact the earth. I do my best to help keep her clean and healthy.

madachode / April 22, 2010 1:20 PM

I am going to change my car's oil and dump the used in the sewer like I always do.. What came from the ground goes back into the ground.

KT / April 22, 2010 1:28 PM

Hannah's. Bretzel. !!

A. Lewellen / April 22, 2010 3:21 PM

So I'm walking to the train this morning and I sees this guy rapping the planet and I says to him I says "Hey buddy what's the matter with you it's Earth Day for petes sake" boy did his face turn red he was really embarrassed I think. Turns out he was just urinating on a bush, which I think is technically considered green. Now who's embarrassed.

Spook / April 22, 2010 10:59 PM

Wha thank ye rever'n!

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