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Sunday, September 19

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Bears Tue Dec 02 2008

Footballic Ramblings: Leftovers Edition

Thanksgiving, that cherised, consumption-frenzied holiday of gorging on Butterball brand turkey, lamenting relatives and drinking to forget said relatives, comes with a veritable bounty of leftovers that slowly, but surely, find their way out of your fridge and into your arteries (as you slowly reach for another heaping portion of mashed potatoes). And of course, the NFL, that most all-American of the Big Four pro sports leagues, would never want to miss out on the opportunity to further saturate your sports-addled mind with more footballic fodder to cram out any thought of another league -- Derrick Rose? NB-whatta? Granted, most of the games this past weekend, especially, the Thanksgiving triumvirate of crap, were turkeys. [zing!-Ed.] But, much like your Aunt Mae who brings the same terrible and over-sugared sweet potatoes and marshmallow casserole, that you thought you liked that one time; the NFL means well, and with that in mind (and to get Bears fans' minds off the fact that they won't make the playoffs) Footballic Ramblings is happy to go to the NFL's kitchen and ransack their fridge with the leftover players and teams that have made this season better...or worse. [Eyes Detroit Lions warily.]

The Inevitable Second, thus, Leftover, Pumpkin Pie:
DeAngelo Williams, Carolina Panthers

Williams started the season as the raw ingredients (3 large eggs, cinnamon, nutmeg, can of pumpkin, uhh, whatever else goes in a pie) and it took him five weeks (and a stint as Johnathan Stewart's backup) before Williams began to roll. Yet, since Week 5, dude's scored 13 touchdowns and dashed for over 100 yards in five of those games. the types of facts that surely bring a smile and a spicy and sweet taste to Panthers fans and fantasy-owners savvy enough for Williams to get out of the oven.

The Forgotten Leftover of Doom Set to Wreak Revenge:
Indianapolis Colts
A scant month ago Footballic Ramblings wrote off the Colts let me only say this, I was wrong. Dead wrong. The Colts have runoff five straight victories, including toppling over AFC contenders Pittsburgh, while also kicking both New England and San Diego further down the King-Of-The-Mountain game that is the AFC. Now, with four games left the Colts need only handle the hapless Bengals, pathetic Lions and weary Jaguars before facing off with the mighty and rival-minded, Tennessee Titans in their final game. Additionally and much like the forgotten three-bean salad left to fester in the nether realms of the fridge, Indy has only gotten stronger, as many of their injured starters (Addai and Manning, most notably) are regrouping and gathering strength...

The Heaping Turkey Carcass Just Ripe for Turkey Soup (or the Garbage)
Jacksonville, Seattle and San Diego

All three were playoff teams a year ago and yet all three find themselves picked over and barren husks of their once proud selves with both Seattle and Jacksonville entombed at the bottom of their divisions and San Diego's pathetic record only being buoyed by the mere fact that Oakland and Kansas City are far, far, worse. The wishbone has already been used and not one of these teams got what they wished for, when is garbage day, again?

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