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Sunday, September 19

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Bears Wed Oct 14 2009

Footballic Ramblings: Just Say No to T.O. Edition

Football's equivalent to crystal meth* ["Not even once" is the anti-meth slogan for a reason-Ed.], T.O. is rumored to be potentially heading to the Second City for the remainder of the season for too much money and not enough performance. Now, for the sheer sake of entertainment value, do I want this to happen? Hell and Yeah! However, if you're a fan of the Bears: NO, NO, NO, NO. Lions, Packers, Vikings fans? YES, YES, YES!

No T.O. Because ...drumroll please...

  • Bears Do Not Need Dramz: Johnny Knox, Devin Hester, Greg Olsen, Jay Cutler, et al, all have such a nice working rapport. Cutler throws the ball to them and they catch it. Do you really want a prima donna, 36!!! year-old wideout, whose best years were five seasons ago?
  • That's Right T.O. is 36 and still behaves like he's 15: Honestly, the Bills signed him this season to what? sell tickets? catch touchdowns? improve the team? Who really knows. Buffalo fired their offensive coordinator days before the season started and their offense is offensive [Zing! -Ed.]; Trent Edwards is a shell-shocked husk of a man begging for death's sweet release, the o-line is in shambles and they scored all of 3 points in a 6-3 loss to a Cleveland in a game so awful that 70% of the viewers stabbed their own eyes out** last weekend.
  • "O, we've got trouble, right here in River City, with a capital-T that stands for Terrell": Owens is officially a pariah of Marburyian levels. He's left locker rooms across the NFL (San Francisco, Philly, Dallas, Buffalo) with Geiger readings off-the-charts, he's that radioactive. Asbestos causes fewer cases of cancer in the locker room than T.O. Bears fans, you do not want T.O.

*Because he makes you grind your teeth to the point that you resemble a meth head and you feel the urge to take everything apart to avoid watching his "alligator arms"during a game; the euphoric energy and sensation of invulnerability, not so much.


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Josh / October 14, 2009 3:22 PM

As a Cowboys fan and one who would have rather seen TO stay than go, I want to point out two things overlooked here: the honeymoon and the coach.

TO was happy his first few years on all his teams. Yes he was getting the ball, but more importantly those teams were winning. On Dallas, TO set new receiving records for the Cowboys in multiple areas. Then, when Wade Phillips took over and discipline went out the window, he melted down, and started to melt the locker room.

If the Bears sign TO, they become a better team. And, he plays for a much better team. Coming from Buffalo, he should be very, very excited about this.

Can Lovie keep him in check? Truthfully, he probably won't have to. Cutler's a great QB. The Bears are contenders. TO will help them win save for dropping a game-winning touchdown.

Since Philly, TO has been relatively drama free. The media incessantly baits him. Ed Werder fabricated a story about secret receiver meetings in Dallas. Jerry Jones shipped him off to remove any doubt from his decision to back Roy Williams as the club's future.

That's yet to materialize on the field.

When TO left Dallas, some drama departed with him, but so did work ethic, so did competition within the receiver core, and so did an opponent's safety drifting over the middle to double him, freeing up the rest of the offense.

It's easy to dismiss him as a 36 year-old prima donna. But in his three years in Dallas, he averaged 1,195 yards and 12.7 TD's a season.

The game's best receivers continued prolific careers through their 30's. Like him or not, TO is one of them.

Brian Lauvray / October 14, 2009 3:44 PM

Josh, all true. I just think the Bears offense is much better served with a "star wideout" by committee, ala: Bennett, Hester, Olsen, Knox are Cutler's hot read du jour. With T.O. that becomes very difficult and if he does show up it would bring far too much attention and distraction to a squad that, if not "loaded" with problem and malcontents in the clubhouse, certainly doesn't need another combustible ingredient. The Bears are humming right now, why ruin that? Additionally, T.O. would have to build a rapport w Cutler, learn plays, figure out the offense...

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