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Thursday, June 30

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Basketball Fri Apr 02 2010

Final Four: Where to Watch and Imbibe

Chicago is city of alums and regional emigres who, for whatever reason, are in the Second City. With the Final Four this weekend and with teams from across the country matching up, Tailgate decided to provide a guide to where one can wet their whistle and root on the ol' alma mater (except for Duke, natch).

Butler Bulldogs

Chicago is home to the most Butler alum outside of the Hoosier State and according to Butler Alumni President, Jenna Daugherty, all Butler fans flock to the "official home of Butler basketball the Brownstone Tavern."

Where Is It?

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The Least You Should Know
Aside from hosting Butler Bulldogs, Brownstone's website claims to host Texas fans as well. Also, there's a Kobe Meatloaf, which sounds baffling and dubious. Also, the menu has a Turkey Burger, so, cool. Tailgate tried calling about beer specials but the bar was not open yet.

Should I Show Up In Opposition's Colors?
Basketball is the unofficial religion of the entire state of Indiana. It is strongly recommended that you do not wear Michicagn State colors to Brownstone, unless you have a death wish in which case, by all means!

Michigan State Spartans

Big Ten's constant presence in the NCAAs and, well, State's brash fans pretty much know they rule the Big Ten roost. Chicago is an alumni hotbed for all the Big Tens and MSU is no different. Fans of Sparty congregate at Tin Lizzie.

Where Is It?

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The Least You Should Know
Located in the heart of Lincoln Park/Lakeview Tin Lizzie attracts your typical LP crowd, plus en masse arrivals of MSU fans. The menu has your macrobrew standards (Bud, Miller, Coors, syndicates, etc.) and food menu of typical bar grub: wings, pizza, sandwiches.

Alternatives: Spartans and Michiganders are everywhere in Chicago and there are a lot of other options, including: Higgins Tavern, McFadden's, O'Malley's West, Plan B and The Shire.

Should I Show Up In Opposition's Colors?
Probably. State fans are notoriously loud, but like many species of domestic dogs they're bark is far worse than their bite. Extra points if you show up wearing Wisconsin or Ohio State colors and claim "[This School] is still vastly superior academically."

Duke Blue Devils

Voted "Most-Likely to be Despised, Thanks to Dick Vitale Tongue-baths" in its University High School Yearbook [Uhh, what??-Ed.] Duke is the evil empire of college basketball. If you went to Duke you should root for Duke, if you did not, you should root for every team that ever played, plays, or will play Duke.

Where Is It?

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The Least You Should Know
$5 Bloody Marys and $5 Jim Beam mixers surely will get the Duke fan riled up. Or, you know, as riled up as Dukies get. [Learned Female Southerner Affectation] "Bunny, you spilled your bourbon on my blouse. I do declare."

Should I Show Up in Opposition's Colors?
If you're wearing West Virginia colors, you're probably way more gully than a Duke fan ever will be. Also, as a WVU fan you probably already have skinned a porcupine that day and will be sweating whiskey so, yes. Alternately, if you show up in Carolina Blue, [Learned Male Southerner Affectation] "Sir, you have insulted my honor, prepare for a duel."

West Virginia Mountaineers

Curiously, Tailgate could not find any information pertaining to WVU's Chicago alum presence. Then we came to our senses and realized that "Wes' Virginny don't have no need for bars nor speakeasies." Mea Culpa.

Where Is It?
Wherever the mountains meet the sky and the yell of the Mountaineer can be heard. Also, WVU's mascot has a live and loaded musket. Bad. Ass.

The Least You Should Know
'Neers fans are a special breed of college sports fan. They set couches on fire win, lose or draw. They drink more moonshine on a game day than most nations drink and produce in a year. Just because they're educated, do not for a minute think they won't get dirty and gully. Teeth are for biting, people.

Should I Show Up In Opposition's Colors
If you have a strong sense of "living" and continuing to "live" do not approach West Virginia fans or utter the words except for "WOOO!" and "'NEEEERS!!"

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Staci / April 2, 2010 2:01 PM

Pssst...It's 'Eers, not Neers.

A WVU alum

Brian Lauvray / April 2, 2010 3:13 PM

Thanks Staci! Mea culpa :) Are you in Chicago? Do u know of any 'Eers bars for the game tomorrow?

Andrew / April 2, 2010 4:35 PM

Seriously? They call themselves 'Eers?

I'm imagining a bar full of people shouting out random body parts. "Eeearrs!" "Noooossse!" "Feeeeeet!"

Jimbo / April 2, 2010 5:21 PM

How do you get a 'Eer chick to give you a hummer? Dip it in ranch.

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