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Saturday, September 18

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Bears Thu Nov 18 2010

Footballic Ramblings: Bears Look To Feast On Dolphin Carcass

Footballic_Ramblings2.jpg Bears (of all colors) are omnivores in the wild. Yes, they love to feast on sick and injured bison in the early, early spring after a long hibernation; and, of course, they'll fatten themselves on Mother Nature's bountiful harvest of berries in fall; but really they're omnivores. As such, bears are rather opportunistic and are never, ever, unwilling to turn down a delicious -if not slightly ripe (I mean dead)- hors d'oeuvre. Enter the Miami Dolphins a 5-4 team walking around with the stench of death like they were trying to fit in with a bunch of zombies. However, in this case, the 'Phins are the walking dead and not just humans impersonating the walking dead. Down to their third string QB Tyler Thigpen and their second string center, the Dolphins are in trouble on offense.

Opportunists that they are, the Bears, should scavenge off of this corpse of an offense and take full advantage. Blitz packages. Stunts. Disguising the Tampa 2 with fake glasses and a moustache? Throw 'em all at Thigpen and see what he can do. The defense should be on high alert for shenanigans involving the always novel "Wildcat" formation whenever Ronnie Brown is in the backfield. What is the "Wildcat," you ask? The "Wildcat" is a quasi-retro* offensive set wherein typically a running back will settle in behind center and take a direct snap. Additionally, the o-line is going to be offset or unbalanced to try and trick the defensive line into thinking it (the o-line) is pulling one way or another. Making it all the more dangerous is that Ronnie Brown, aside from being an above average running back, is a very skilled passer. Watch for that, Bears fans.

Additionally chill bro/ageless and still capable running back, Ricky Williams, will be lurking in the RB rotation to blast thru and over would-be Bears tacklers as the countering punch to Brown's flash in the Dolphins rushing attack.

On the other side of the ball, the Dolphins have a very average run defense (HINT, HINT, Mike Martz!) so maybe, just maybe, the Bears will utilize Matt Forte and Chester Taylor** in the offensive scheme. Of some concern for the Bears in general and Jay Cutler in particular, is the fact that the Dolphins boast an adequate passing defense and a downright robust pass rush (23 sacks on the season, good enough for 11th in the NFL). Cameron Wake, the beastly linebacker for MIA, is second in all the league with nine sacks and is fourth on the 'Phins in tackles, could potentially feast on Cutler like a hungry and scavenging bear. We all hope for Cutler's spongy grey matter that this is not the case.

I'm predicting the Bears win this one. It won't be as easy going as some may think against a team down its top two QBs, center and with Jake Long not at full strength. But yeah, Miami's defense will keep the game close and Chicago prevails to go to 7-3 on the season. Astounding but true!

The Bears Game Is On Thursday Night, What Do I Watch on Sunday?

Kickoff for the Ursas game is tonight at 7:00 pm. It is being broadcast locally on WGN (Channel 9 for most everyone) and on the NFL Network for the national broadcast.

Thanks to the always awesome's NFL TV maps, one can note that there are two spectacular games on Sunday afternoon. The early FOX game is Minnesota hosting the Green Bay Packers, which should have a lot of implications for the Bears placing in the division. Meanwhile the late afternoon game on CBS is Indianapolis visiting the Patriots in Foxborough. Enjoy.

*I say "quasi" because it's never really disappeared at the high school and collegiate level, but did disappear for a spell in the League until '08 when the Dolphins busted it out in Week 3.

**Not bloody likely. Martz = So Frustrating. #AmIRight? #KTHXBAI

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