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Sunday, June 23

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Baseball Mon Jun 20 2011

Why I Love the Cubs (and Hate the White Sox)

Editor's note: With the crosstown rivalry resuming tonight at U.S. Cellular Field, we asked Cubs fan Brian Livingston and Sox fan Jenny Zelle to account for their passions. Here's what Brian had to say:

Thumbnail image for cubs.gifFor me, the Cubs represent family. My grandfather was a Cubs fan, which made my mom a Cubs fan, which eventually made me a Cubs fan. There is little doubt in my mind when I have kids they will be Cubs fans too.

I love the Cubs because of the history and tradition that surrounds them. Guys like Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Andre Dawson and Kerry Wood are why I love the Cubs. They are what Cubs baseball is all about.

Sometimes it is hard loving something that doesn't always love you back, but regardless, I will never stop being a Cubs fan. I've been a fan since day one and I will continue to be a fan of this team, win or lose, until my time is up.

I might as well be a junkie because I'm addicted to the Cubs. Simply put, they are my bliss.

On the other side of town ... well, I don't really hate the White Sox. They play each other six times in a 162-game schedule and aren't even in the same division. If anything I'd say I hate the St. Louis Cardinals most, followed by the Marlins, Padres, Mets and Yankees. The Sox aren't even in my top five.

But that doesn't mean there aren't some Sox things that aggravate me, starting with their fans.

I'm sure Sox fans feel the same way about the Cubs, but what I can't stand are the ones who go out of their way to hate on my team. I can understand if we were playing each other all the time, but most fans seem to care more about hating the Cubs than loving the Sox. I like to call it Little Brother Syndrome. Sad, really, considering they won a World Series six years ago but their focus remains on the Cubs.

Another reason I dislike the Sox is Ozzie Guillen. He's a homophobic idiot who doesn't know when to shut his mouth. Enough said.

Ken "Hawk" Harrelson is another reason I don't like the Sox. If you've ever tried to listen to a game on TV you'll know what I'm talking about. His stupid catch phrases, from "He gone!" to "You can put it on the board ... Yes!" make attempting to watch a game almost impossible. Of course, God forbid the other team scores or something goes against "us."

In the end, I've come to the point that arguing Cubs-Sox is redundant and goes nowhere. I'm a Cubs fan. Always have been, always will be. The only time I give a thought to the Sox is when we play them.

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HPom / June 20, 2011 4:17 PM

These are all opinion based. I'm a Sox fan and I find that Ken "The Hawk" Harrelson is an amazing announcer. How can you hate a man who shows so much love for his team. And sorry to say but Ron Santo was god awful at announcing games.

Sox Fan / June 20, 2011 4:33 PM

The Cubs have a better stadium than the Whitesox and that's about all they have on the us. Let's review:

World Series titles: sox 3, cubs 2

Head to head since interleague play began: 41 wins to the cubs 37

head to head in postseason (sox win 1906 world series)

Cubs games draw 40,000 different people to every game (tourists, implants, corporate groups, gold diggers, University of Iowa frat boys one wild). Sox games draw 25,00 of nearly the same loyal fans. Now you tell me who has the better fans (it has nothing to do with "average attendance" figures).

Sad / June 20, 2011 4:48 PM

What a typical cub fan. Always obsessing about the White Sox.

Rick / June 20, 2011 4:56 PM

I don't think he's obsessing about the White Sox at all. He made it pretty clear he thinks the rivalry is a silly distraction to the Cubs real foes like the Cardinals.

But Hawk is awesome. I will take him over corporate drones Bob "Amateur Night at the Comedy Store" Brenly and Kasper the Frog any day of the week.

Go White Sox.

Brian / June 20, 2011 7:46 PM

HPOM - I don't like Harrelson because he pisses and moans way too especially if things don't go the Sox way. His sense of entitlement is unreal.

He acts as if only the Sox are supposed to be good and the other team is supposed to lay down for them. Even worse is how he becomes silent at the end of a game that the Sox lose. Talk about a lack of professionalism. Santo was never a broadcaster, he was a fan first and foremost. Compared to Vin Scully Harrelson is flat out awful.

Sox Fan- You know your history very good. Although as a Cubs fan who actually goes to Wrigley to watch game I take issue with being lumped in with tourists and frat boys. And your average number of Sox fans is a tad high it is more like 18,000-20,000.

Sad- Thank you for proving my point.

Rick - You're right, if I'm obsessed with anything it is the Cubs. I have to disagree about Harrelson. As I stated above he goes beyond being a homer. He needs to learn the phrase there is no crying in baseball because he sure does a lot of whining.

Chris Willette / June 20, 2011 10:29 PM

One thing Brian that will always be certain is that most Sox fans will always war with us Cub fans for no more simple reason than jealousy, that they will always be seen as #2 in Chicago baseball any rain delay telecast and we are reminded of fond memories of Ernie, Santo, Billy, Fergie, Ryno, the Shawn-o-Meter, Kerry's 20k game, among other things....whereas Sox fans, outside of their lone win in 2005, have 'very little' to reminisce on, outside of Harold Baines and, according to them, their 'chance' in the 1994 strike season....I could care less if the Cubs ever win the world or lose Cub fans bleed blue all over America...whereas Sox fans on the south side?

Derrick Yee / June 21, 2011 8:35 AM

I always love the Cubs. I called the Chicago Cubs good guys #1. I always hate the Chicago White Sox and the Oakland Athletics because they are my worst enemies. I called the Chicago White Sox bad guy #1 and the Oakland Athletics bad guy #2.

Stephen T / August 10, 2011 10:04 PM

Its amazing, the Sox entire organization makes the Cubs look like child's play. Ricketts, Hendry and Quade are that bad.

Sox fans are just sick of Cubs fans talking about how "they have more class". Its really stupid. They know the Cubs are terrible so they try to personally insult Sox fans by basically suggesting that they are poor. Nobody likes pompous jerks and the Cubs fan base is full of them.

Stephen T / August 10, 2011 10:10 PM

Chris W - The Sox started a year after the Cubs. Just because you do not know about a teams history doesn't mean it does not exist.

Have fun reminiscing about your old players though. BTW, nobody outside of Cubs fans cares about your history. Its all a bunch of BS anyways because the Cubs usually suck. The tourist fans keep going to see an old decrepit stadium, so why shouldn't the Cubs put anything but garbage on the field. You've got people coming to pay homage to the Cubs by puking and pissing in the bleachers every year. How respectful.

I will keep enjoying my team that contends almost every year. The Sox were in the race for all but one year over this last decade and WE WON A WORLD SERIES. Its really fun cheering for a team that usually has a chance to at least win the division. You should try it some time.

Also, Ron Santo sucked. He was obnoxious, had no idea what was going on and was a joke because he constantly whined about not getting into the hall of fame. He didn't get in because he doesn't deserve to be.

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