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Saturday, September 25

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Bears Fri Sep 14 2012

Lovie Smith is Not a Screamer — Get Over It

Thumbnail image for GB bears icon.pngAs if enough wasn't going wrong for the Bears last night: from terrible quarterbacking, to an awful offensive line, to clueless receivers, not to mention a horrible offensive gameplan, then you have CSN/WGN's David Kaplan inciting the crazies by tweeting about the lack of yelling from Lovie Smith:

@thekapman: Mike McCarthy is showing great emotion on GB sideline. C'mon Lovie....need some fire out of you!

Apparently the only way you can beat a team employing a coach that goes postal every time a call goes against his team, or flips out at any and all mistakes made by one of his players, is by countering with the same moronic behavior.

Smith showing "fire" (which I assume means screaming at the world at the first sign of complication) has less to do with the outcome of a football game than how many hours of sleep Jay Cutler gets at night with a new baby. It's simply ludicrous.

The Bears reached the Super Bowl back in the 2006 season with the same mild-tempered Smith that coaches the team today. Many think his stoic demeanor on the sidelines is a successful coaching tactic -- injecting calm into a game filled with chaos. You can win the Lombardi trophy with the same kind of attitude. Ask Tony Dungy.

I doubt you'll find a single football player on the planet that would fault Smith for showing less "fire" on the sidelines. Players know the mistakes they made on the field. Being berated on the sidelines won't change the outcome. The only people who make crazy statements like the one Kaplan made are the same ones that are still worshiping at the feet of Ditka.

It's not 1985 anymore, David. Open your mind to a world where a coach need not blow out the decibel reader to be a successful leader.

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Rick / September 14, 2012 5:16 PM

Football played correctly is an emotional release. Please don;t ever bring up Tony Dungy as an example of a great coach. Without Peyton Manning Tony Dungy is quite simply Lovie Smith or more precisely Mike Caldwell. Remember Mike Caldwell was Tony Dungy with Peyton Manning. This whole quiet leadership bullshit makes me want to kill myself.... like Dungy's kid. Sometimes you just need a good emotional release. @!#$ Lovie!!!!

Justin / September 14, 2012 5:39 PM


After taking a moment to fully appreciate the eloquence and classiness of your post I couldn't help but think Bill Walsh and Chuck Knoll.

Both of these men were reserved on the field, and didn't feel the need to show "fire and the passion", they just wanted to win, and they did - a lot.

While I respectfully disagree with your comment I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


Evan Moore / September 16, 2012 12:00 AM

Some Bears fans think Lovie is bad coach because he doesn't yell or embarrass players like Ditka did. The is the new NFL. You can't yell at players like they are kids. After all,they are grown men.

Wendell Tucker / September 16, 2012 4:17 PM

So, no one is gonna call Rick on the stupid shit he just said? Is that supposed to be funny? Is that even relevant. What kind of asinine jackass would even joke about something like that? You got an issue with Lovie, state that issue. Why the hell would you bring Dungy's son into this. It was unnecessary and ignorant. I'm sure you're going to be too proud to, but you should be ashamed as a man to make a statement like that. think before you post, man. Too damn far.

Rick / September 16, 2012 9:35 PM


Not to sound cold hearted, but it is all relevant to the free pass that Lovie get's. Lovie get's his because he is a black head coach. Just like Dungy get's one as a coach and commentator because of his son's tragedy.

This compassionate acceptance and tolerance of mediocrity is pervasive in America today. Whether it rares it's head as political correctness, compassion, or sensitivity it is at the center of America's decline.

So let's just have one big group hug and fast for forty days and forty nights(smells like a god complex to me) and we will save all of the worlds problems by bringing attention to them....but not by dealing with them head on.

Wendell Tucker / September 17, 2012 9:11 AM

First, I want to thank you for researching me. I appreciate that. Actually, it's more of a Christ complex, so you were pretty close. Awareness is always the first step towards resolution of an issue. Like Christ, I'm playing the long game. One that temper tantrums can't solve. From your short sighted statements, I wouldn't expect you to understand that.

On the subject of mediocrity, your whole perspective on this "issue" is mediocre. One can find many faults with Lovie. His refusal to change direction when the original plan isn't working, his inability to surprise any team whatsoever with his game plans, not knowing when to trust his players to make the big play... however, passion is not one of them. Black coaches have NEVER gotten a free pass. That's ridiculous. Showing empathy toward a man for having a tragedy in the family, is not a free pass. That's ridiculous. They are both excellent coaches with flaws like any other, that is why they are respected.

My position stands. Your comment was unnecessary, and had absolutely nothing to do with the subject at hand. It was a mediocre attempt at trolling. No free passes for that homie.

By the way, my new one man show "Wendell Tucker Hates the World" returns to Chicago, October 11-21, 2012 at the Viaduct theater. Tickets on sale now.

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