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Saturday, March 2

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Whatís a typical missed connection ad? A white guy in his 20s spots a cute girl on the Red Line. She has either a scarf or a book. He probably has glasses.

And itís not just the CTA that causes connections to miss. Itís also airplanes, busses and Metra. Public transit allows the random little reactions you have to strangers walking down the street to brew, with just enough time and proximity to create something fairly potent. Youíre in a metal tube with people, who are novel enough to be exotic, and maybe one is exotic enough to be the person perfect for you. It makes sense.

Because I live closer to the Metra than to the CTA, Iíve been paying special attention to ads featuring The Way to Really Fly rather than the El. Because just like everyone else who ready the MCs, Iím looking for someone whoís looking for me. Even though two week ago, I married the boy who will always have me.

Clyborn Metra Cutie - w4m Ė 33
Ok, I'm attempting this one last time in the hopes that you really do read this. I thought maybe you had since it seemed you looked at me a little more since the first posting. But just in case, here's my original posting....

You get on at Clyborn ..7:21 train, get off at Cumberland. You always sit either across from me, or in front of me - in the first car. You even always stand near me on the platform. You're tall, black hair, dressed well. You always have your headphones in and look busy working on your laptop, so I haven't wanted to bother you. But I have been wanting to talk with you for months! Pathetic, I know. I don't know what your situation is, but if you want to grab a drink or coffee sometime - get back to me! And if you don't want to.....give me a hint by sitting in another seat tomorrow!

Calliope always looked for him. In the winter, he was easy to spot with his moss-colored coat in a sea of black, his red hair marring the gray landscape. In the summer, she looked down the line of legs for the ones that ended in sandals. She just liked him, his steadiness. He was her sundial, and though she had thought about it, she chose to keep him in the garden.

Tuesday: Mayfair metra girl w/ long coat, green satchel - m4w - 25
Girl, you caught the 8 AM metra train on Tuesday from Mayfair to Lake Cook. You had on a long coat and an army colored satchel thingy that said US or something. Dark hair. Black & white adidas/converse shoes. I was the kid with the shaggy hair and black bag. We rode in the same car. Got off at the same time. At Lake Cook you bolted down the sidewalk towards them office buildings. Maybe you were running from me, but if not, you should write me back and we can tear up the streets together.

You are damn cute. I woulda told you this morning, but I woke up late and missed that train, and doubt I'll be on it any time soon. Maybe you weren't even there this morning. Shoot.

At lunch, Stephen was reading this old Mark Morford column that a friend sent him because Stephen was always complaining about her job. He read the column, all about why you neednít stay in an unhappy situation when certainly you could find a viable alternative. And then he said, "Yeah, fuck this fucking job." So he took a piss in the office sink, packed up his shit, and went home to take stock.

Metra this morning - Elgin to Chicago - you wore a pink jacket - m4w - 29
You were studying when I got on at National Street. You're a brunette with the most striking features - beautiful eyes, luscious lips. You also had a 3 in red marker on the back of your left hand. I was sitting across and one behind you, wearing a pale yellow shirt and tie. If you see this, drop me a line. I'd love to get to know you.

Beverly had just come from the meeting at British Weight Clinic. She had been embarrassed when they did it, but staring at her hand, it was helpful to actualize how much weight she needed to lose Ė especially since it was in stone rather than pounds.

to the grey-dressed guy at the Randolph/State St. Metra yesterday - w4m - 20
To the guy sitting on the banister in the grey clothes, with the headphones on:

Sorry I kept looking at you so oddly, I couldn't decide if you were somebody I used to know. I saw you looking at me either you are that guy, or you were wondering why the hell I was looking at you.

Me: pink shirt, green blazer, jeans, bottle of water I was furiously drinking and managing to make that annoying popping sound with at the same time...

Anyway, if you think you watched Jacob's Ladder or Kentucky Fried Movie with a blonde girl about two years ago, say hi.

It was one of those nights that sort of fall together and apart at the same time. One roommate invited some people over and the other did the same, but the people just didnít gel. They ran out of booze. It was raining. Someone put in a movie, and another made a half-hearted attempt to get cozy on an IKEA couch.

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