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Sunday, March 29

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Review Tue Sep 02 2014

North Coast: Day Three


Sunday was a rather chill day at North Coast. I started things off by catching some of Wild Belle, an indie band heavily influenced by Lee "Scratch" Perry and his stylings of reggae with pop sensibilities.

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North Coast Music Festival Sun Aug 31 2014

North Coast: Day Two

SCS_5917-20140830-Future Islands_16.jpg

I started the second day of North Coast with Future Islands, who I soon discovered are kinda captivating. I really didn't know much about them. I knew the name, I've heard a few random singles that I've enjoyed, and was about it. It was that in mind that I went to see them not quite knowing what to expect.

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Review Sat Aug 30 2014

North Coast: Day One


It all started before I even walked into Union Park.

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North Coast Music Festival Fri Aug 08 2014

North Coast Announces Daily Lineups and After Parties


A few days ago, the North Coast Music Festival made a few announcements. First, the list of the after parties they're doing. Then they announced which bands are playing on each day. Below is a copy and paste of the daily lineups.

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North Coast Music Festival Thu May 01 2014

North Coast Music Festival Announces Part of Their 2014 Lineup


A few minutes ago, North Coast Music Festival released the first wave lineup of this year's event. The late summer festival returns for its fifth year on August 29th through the 31st at Union Park. Weekend passes will run you $150 and can be purchased here.

The lineup itself looks impressive. North Coast has always focused on the intersection of rap, jam bands and EDM. This year looks no different with STS9, Bassnectar and Snoop Dogg all set to headline. The undercard looks intriguing too, with Future Islands, Riff Raff, Washed Out, Action Bronson, Dr. Dog, Cashmere Cat and a slew of others all scheduled to appear. Chicago acts have a sizable presence as Wild Belle, Prob Cause, Ghosthouse, Zebo and several others perform.

Check out the full announcement below.

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North Coast Music Festival Wed Sep 04 2013

Here's Looking at You, Kid: North Coast Music Festival in Pictures

Photographer Steve Stearns took a lot of photos in a lot of different types of weather over last weekend, while he braved the crowds at the North Coast Music Festival. Check out photos from each day, starting with Friday:

Friday: Day One

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North Coast Music Festival Mon Sep 02 2013

North Coast Music Festival (Day 3)


Crowd at North Coast by Steve Stearns

Sunday was the final day of this year's North Coast festival and certainly one of the most anticipated. Crowds at the fronts gates swelled into the hundreds as people waited to get inside Union Park for a last day of music and dancing. Helping to bring this anticipation to it's crescendo were the headliners of the entire festival, the iconic Wu-Tang Clan. A palpable energy filled the air as questions were asked; are they actually going to show up? If so, how many of them? What are they going to do about ODB's verses since, you know, he died a few years ago? Will the rumored hologram ODB make an appearance?! (They are seriously trying to get an ODB hologram to "perform" at the Rock the Bells festival next month.) But these questions would have to wait a few hours as myself and the crowd walked into the gates one last time. - Justin Freeman

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North Coast Music Festival Sun Sep 01 2013

North Coast Music Festival (Day 2)

Since the music was cut short on Friday, the second day of North Coast Music Festival came with fairly high expectations. Everyone was praying for blue skies and smooth sailing to make up for the torrential storm that momentarily shut down the party the night before. - Brianna Kelly

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North Coast Music Festival Sat Aug 31 2013

North Coast Music Festival (Day 1)


North Coast evacuees seeking shelter by Steve Stearns

Yesterday marked the return of the North Coast Music Festival, the Labor Day weekend event that takes over Union Park for three days of music and dancing. Usually, it goes smoothly and good times are had all around. Sometimes though, things happen that can make your experience at the festival less than fun, and yesterday was one of those days. Most of us know that it rained here in Chicago Friday. At around 6pm, a rainstorm took over the city. Lightning flashed in the sky, torrential rain and strong winds rocked against buildings, people leaving work suddenly found themselves drenched and major outdoor concerts around the city were evacuated. -Justin Freeman

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North Coast Music Festival Thu Aug 15 2013

North Coast Music Festival Schedule Announced

This just in! North Coast Music Festival finally announced the finalized schedule of its 4th annual gathering, returning to Union Park on Labor Day weekend. For several months, music fans across Chicago and the greater Midwest have anticipated which artists they can catch at the fest, but now they can begin to hash out their day-to-day game plans and create their own custom schedule. One of the toughest decisions comes at the very end of the festival, during the final performances on Sunday. Legendary hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan plays at the same time as popular "jamtronica" band Lotus. Though it may be a difficult call for many, it can also serve as a welcome reminder of the musical diversity that NCMF has to offer.

General admission three-day passes sold out last week, but there are still limited amounts of three-day VIP passes and single day tickets available. There are also plenty of tickets left for the myriad of official NCMF after parties. Except for The Disco Biscuits show at Concord Music Hall, which went like hot cakes, selling out in just a few short days after the tickets were initially released. For those who plan to attend any late night shows, the good news there will be plenty of time to regain your strength, as the music doesn't resume on the festival grounds until 1:30pm the following afternoon.

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North Coast Music Festival Mon Sep 03 2012

North Coast Music Festival: Sunday

Well, we did it. North Coast Music Festival is a relatively rain-free wrap. The glitter, rage sticks and neon-colored tutus are going back in the closet for another year as festival season comes to a close in Chicago. What did we learn this summer, the first that offered real competition with other EDM-focused fests like Spring Awakening and Wavefront? Perhaps it's that excess is not always a good thing. By the end of the day yesterday, after having attending both the previously mentioned festivals and other dance music events throughout the summer, I was exhausted and, quite frankly, a little womped and wobbled out. We certainly went out with a bang though.


Photo by Steve Stearns

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North Coast Music Festival Sun Sep 02 2012

North Coast Music Festival: Saturday


(Photo by Steve Stearns)

If you learn one thing at North Coast festival, it's that people love to put things on giant sticks at dance festivals. Everything from handmade signs to stuffed animals to blowup dolls, if it's weird and covered in glitter, it probably has a stick shoved up it. The difference between North Coast and Lollapalooza (and really Pitchfork at this point) is that North Coast is still very much a niche festival. That's why you'll see the crazy club outfits, the odd things on sticks, and for better or for worse, the large amount of people selling club drugs right outside the gate. To the outsider it's a surreal culture shock if one happens to stumble into the body glitter and fur boot crowd around Union Park this weekend. - Lisa White

There's something weird in the air at North Coast this year. I can't quite tell what it is. When describing this festival I expected to be using words like "raging" and "wild." Instead, so far the words that are coming to mind are "mellow" and "uneventful."

Excision's set at 4:45pm was the first of the day that I anticipated. The Canadian DJ's beat-making is almost mechanic, both in its metallic, glitchy sound and its formulaic composition of swoops, drops and flows. Technically, this had all the makings of a wildly insane dance party. Except the energy never seemed to live up to what I expected. Excision was great however, save for a steady wave of arms bumping to the beat, there was little crowd reaction to match that performance. Maybe it was the overcast backdrop. Maybe it had something to do with a certain herbal scent that constantly hung in the air. Or maybe, quite simply, it was just too darn packed to cut loose.

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North Coast Music Festival Sat Sep 01 2012

North Coast Music Festival: Friday


North Coast by Steve Stearns

Maybe I'm getting older or maybe it's a case of having to be on the same drugs, but each year I tend to get more baffled by the crowd at North Coast, mesmerized by the fashion, behavior, and dedication these fans bring to Union Park each summer. Blinded by neon and/or a stray glow stick flying at your face, the three day festival is a true testament to the popularity of dance music, all while throwing in a good dose of jam, hip hop, and rock. So grab some funnel cake, expect to be covered in body glitter, and rave the night away. -Lisa White

One of my favorite things about this festival is its absolute dedication to diversity. At first glance, you could claim that North Coast is nothing more than a bunch of DJs, some jams bands and a couple choice rappers. For the most part though, each artist offers a sound unique and independent from the last. My first day at NCMF '12 went from funky to crunk to crazy to mellow to dance-arific in the span of a mere five hours. -Katie Karpowicz

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North Coast Music Festival Tue Aug 28 2012

Best Bets for the North Coast Music Festival

It's back again: North Coast Music Festival, one of our favorite festivals of the summer. In fact, it's one of the last until we're engulfed in cold weather once again. If you've got tickets to "summer's last stand" this weekend you'll want to make sure you do it right and find exactly what you're looking for amidst the heavy hitting lineup. We've got some recommendations on how to do just that:

Best chance of getting onstage: Girl Talk

It's a known fact that Girl Talk puts on the kind of show that feels more like one big,
communal dance party. Greg Gillis--the man behind the mashup moniker--doesn't like to
feel left out. In addition to toilet paper guns and confetti, a mob of dancers--handpicked
from the crowd--is also a part of nearly every Girl Talk show. Keep yours eyes and ears
out before his headlining slot as his onstage dance mob is often selected throughout the day leading up to the set. It's been a couple years since Gillis dropped All Day so--if you don't wind up lucky enough to join him onstage--you can still be hopeful for some new cuts. Gotye vs. Chief Kief, anyone?
- Katie Karpowicz

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North Coast Music Festival Wed May 30 2012

North Coast Music Festival Announces Second Wave of Acts

Adding to an already stellar lineup, North Coast Music Festival announced its second wave of artists today. In the hip hop department, Alabama-bred, Slim Shady protege Yelawolf and West Coast crew People Under the Stairs join the bill. The fest has also scored dance music veteran Paul Oakenfold, who's been spinning for decades. Other new additions include dubsteppers Knife Party and Dutch DJ Chuckie. Perhaps the biggest news, though, is that Chicago's own Umphrey's Mcgee is joining the list of headliners alongside the previously announced Pretty Lights.


What I'm looking forward to: Yelawolf's set. Saw him at the Bottom Lounge last fall and the self-proclaimed "white trash rapper" can put on show. Here's hoping his set doesn't conflict with any of the other big name rap artists playing the fest like Atmosphere or Big Boi.

What I'm not looking forward to: hearing the live version of Umphrey's "Chicago"--the band's much laughed about attempt to create an anthem for our city with the help of Buddy Guy and Chicago (the band). Here's hoping this debauchery is absent from the setlist come Labor Day weekend.

North Coast Music Festival hits Union Park August 31-September 2. Tickets are on sale now.

Katie Karpowicz / Comments (2)

News Mon Apr 16 2012

North Coast Music Festival Announces First Wave of 2012 Lineup

North Coast Music Festival has been teasing fans all night on twitter about some big news, and just now the festival announced the first wave of acts to play Union Park this year. Gracing the stages August 31-September 2 are the following acts:

-Pretty Lights
-Big Boi
-Steve Aoki
-The Rapture
-Mord Fustang
-Felix Da Housecat
-Dan Deacon
-King Khan and The Shrines
-Rebirth Brass Band
-Van Ghost
-Maya Jane Coles
-Com Truise
-Auto Body

and many more to be announced. The initial lineup is already looking solid for the third year of the festival, with the promise of even more headliners and other impressive acts to follow. Check out their site here with more information including how to purchase tickets.

Lisa White / Comments (0)

North Coast Music Festival Tue Sep 06 2011

North Coast Music Festival: Sunday


North Coast by Steve Stearns

While Sunday is a day of rest for most, North Coast goers knew that the third and final day of the fest was their last chance to get all the raging out of their system. It was one of, if not, the most rock-heavy days, with acts like Of Montreal, Gogel Bordello and locals Van Ghost hitting the big stages, but you didn't have to search too hard to find some bass thumping. -Katie Karpowicz

If Saturday was sloppy, Sunday was a bit strung out, as tired hippies hooped a little slower and in general the crowd (until Bassnectar) seemed a bit more subdued. Granted there was a raging circle pit at Gogol Bordello and the kids at the Red Bull stage were still dancing hard (that might be the Red Bull), but overall I saw more people relaxing in the shade, taking it easy on the suddenly chilly afternoon. I also thankfully saw more security around the areas surrounding the sound board, a problem that was apparent in my Saturday coverage, so it was nice to see the festival staying on their toes and trying their best to improve any newbie mistakes. -Lisa White

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North Coast Music Festival Sun Sep 04 2011

North Coast Music Festival: Saturday


Rusko by Andy Keil

Oh, North Coast. A stoner's oasis. An epileptic's worst nightmare. While Day One started off slow and steady, Saturday seemed to go from zero to sixty in a matter of minutes. Union Park remained almost eerily barren through the first couple rounds of acts Saturday afternoon--too much raging on Friday night, I suppose--but once the rain started around 2:30pm, festheads started pouring into the park like moths to a flame.

What followed was a bit of sensory overload. Bass thumping from three stages simultaneously at almost all times; strobes, lasers and glowsticks everywhere you looked; the overwhelming scent of a certain, ahem, herb in the air; and a day and night-long battle between waves of sweat and rain made for quite the experience on Saturday. I'm honestly amazed at the relentless energy Coasters were still able to produce though despite the natural and chemical elements that, in the end, helped turned Saturday into the ten-hour party that it was. -Katie Karpowicz

My Saturday at North Coast involved a lot of soggy kids tripping on a variety of things, yelling at a kid who almost tipped over a toilet while dancing on it, yelling at some other kids who almost toppled over a girl in a wheelchair, and watching a bunch of kids buy nitrous balloons from some sketchy guys on a corner. Needless to say Saturday got a little rude and sloppy, but it didn't stop the artists from giving it their all to the more than entertaining crowd. -Lisa White

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Classical Mon Mar 09 2015

Pulling Strings: For classical music in Chicago, you got a guy - March 2015

By Elliot Mandel

Lots of big works downtown this month. But do you also know about New Music Chicago? Check 'em out for up-to-date listings of all things in the contemporary music scene.

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Sun Mar 29 2015
Ibeyi/Flo Morrisey @ Lincoln Hall

Sun Mar 29 2015
Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington, DC (1980-90) @ The Vic

Sun Mar 29 2015
Beat Swap Meet Chicago @ Empty Bottle

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The Von Trapps @ SPACE

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Soloists from Fonema Series II: Kathryn Schulmeister

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