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Sunday, March 3

Gapers Block

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Okay, readers, we're almost done with the music festival circuit. Which is good, because attendees have been littering the Craig's List Missed Connection boards with breathy posts and references to of-the-moment bands. Let's just get through the Download Festival and Hideout Block Party, and we'll get back to glory holes, eggs for sale, and assorted hijinks again.

Michigan Ave today - Lollapalooza - you're from FL - w4m
You're here from FL w/ friends (?) for the shows this weekend. I was with some friends, the cute redhead who was helping w/ directions to the chophouse. We talked about that town in FL with the name I can't say too. I'm hoping that bitchfaced looking brunette wasn't your girlfriend. Your ponytail is perfectly gorgeous and you smelled amazing.

Bitchface was sullen over her steak. She cut each bite with one stroke and chewed with a locomotive's thrum. Trey, her boyfriend of two years, chomped his way through his filet, creamed spinach side and potato with what she believed was sheer oblivion. But Trey was just happy as a clam to finally be eating some red meat again after a month-long Bitchface-imposed hiatus. Pussy, he could leave. Steak, he loved.

Dancing in front of me at Daft Punk - m4w - 24
I can't believe I am doing this, but I can't stop thinking about it. You were dancing just ahead of me with your friend. We were a few folks back and to the left of the sound tent.

You had on a white blouse with a floral pattern ribbon holding your hair back. During the encore a guy was creeping over in front of you (poor guy). I am not him but rather the guy wearing a green shirt behind you.

I wanted to catch up with you two when the music stopped, but we were separated in the crowd.

Thom's friend Stephen totally lost his shit when Daft Punk came back on stage for the encore. He started pushing through the crowd and Thom barely had time to reach out for the strap of his backpack and follow. Sure, the set was good, but he would have preferred to ditch his friend and talk with Bridget in white. Thom would never say something so frat-boy, but the sentiment was right: bros before hos.

You danced with me during !!! - m4w
You surprised me by dancing with me during !!! then disappearing. You're probably one of the first people to find my rhythm. That (and Pearl Jam) made my day.

We should try it again sometime.

Donna and Phillip finished their third bottles of water before heading off to the sidelines of the !!! show. Both of them hated that band because they had no idea how to refer to them. They also figured that none of the kids who showed up for !!! knew either and that the fans were just hipster posers. So, lame as it was, their protest against the band's name and the subculture to which they'd never quite belong was simply to throw SmartWater empties into the crowd. The gesture was stupid and got them kicked out for the rest of the day.

Red Line and Belmont Platform, after Lollapalooza Sunday - m4w
You stood in front of me on the train and then kept walking past me and smiling while waiting for the Brown Line at Belmont around 11 last night, after Lollapalooza. I was on the phone with a distraught friend, otherwise I would've stopped to talk to you. Thought I heard you on the phone with a boyfriend on the train. If you weren't, let's chat. You were wearing brown, I was carrying a dirty blue backpack and wearing a white T-shirt.

Pete's friend Burke thought his dog was missing. He was totally freaking out. Pete just listened to Burke run around the house, then his block calling for Scout and crying. Burke had been having a really hard time lately, what with his girlfriend leaving and his parents getting divorced. Pete knew he'd find Scout; that fucking dog was always passing out in Burke's closets or cabinets. Lulu, the girl in brown, would have just given him crabs anyway.

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