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Thursday, August 18

Gapers Block

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sxsw09 Mon Mar 23 2009

SXSW 2009 Tour Diary, Hood Internet, Day 4

sxsw 2009 music chicago
[Our last recap from STV SLV and The Hood Internet from Saturday night in Austin at SXSW. Many more pictures after the jump!]

Jason Lytle

Saturday night ended around 3am and the flight back to Chicago was at 6am, so I've spent most of the day here sleeping. So here's the final report from Hood. Saturday was solid. Started out with Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers at Mohawk's inside stage, and a bit of Jason Lytle (Grandaddy) at Mohawk's outside stage. Bounced over to Radio Room for Tight Phantomz and also saw a bit of The Life & Times. After that Hood was posted up at the Coffee No Pants party at Red Eyed Fly. Saw Harlem Shakes, Princeton, Loney Dear, Titus Andronicus, and most of Chairlift. Good times. Soldiered on to the Fader Fort for the rumored-but-since-confirmed Kanye appearance on the G.O.O.D. Music party, which also included Kid Cudi, Common, Erykah Badu, GLC and others. After that it was time for the "It's Chicago" party at The Lodge. Watched Bald Eagle drop a hot set then played an hour or so of Hood jams. Kevin Drew was in tow dancing it up with the Arts & Crafts folks so you know we played ABX's R. Kelly/Broken Social Scene jam to close out the night. Tried to hit up a SPIN party but we didn't RSVP properly, which was fine, because of that whole 6am flight thing. All in all SXSW was a blast, definitely going again next year even if we don't have any shows!

Kanye West and Kid Cudi

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Anne Holub

sxsw09 Sun Mar 22 2009

Heading South to SXSW 2009: Blueblood, Day 7

sxsw 2009 music chicago
[A rather philosophical final recap of Saturday in Austin by Thom of Blueblood. If you're interested in catching them in Chicago, they'll be playing this coming Sunday, March 29 at Empty Bottle with Pack A.D. $3! Cheap! ]

We played these guys, Black Diamond Heavies, at our Second Annual Brodown Hoedown party at Back Alley Social on Friday.

Saturday began by loading our gear in the rear of The Jackalope on 6th street, for a day party. We were scheduled to go on at 3:30. But, as suspected, Chicago act, Hey Champ cancelled at the last minute, and all other bands on the bill were shifted back a little.

We set out for breakfast burritos, and on a suggestion by the staff at The Jackalope, hit up the Taco Shack on Trinity. We were hoping for a more ma and pop-type camper/parking lot deal. This place was more taco bell than anything else. And they only served breakfast burritos, with eggs and meat and stuff. So I sampled the side of black beans.

We then caught our friends' Tight Phantomz short set at Radio Room over on 6th street. They slayed!!!! I cannot imagine why they aren't more popular. All the members are exceptional musicians, and the songs move across several genres. Great stuff!

After their set, we went back to The Jackalope to indulge in the free High Life special! The free beer went down smooth, and we waited for our set time, by hanging out with pals in the beer garden. Our bass player, Shaun Paul, performed his solo act "Chaperone" by himself, while Blueblood set up their gear on stage.

We played our tightest, most right-on set of the tour.

After carrying our gear through a crowded beer garden to the alley, 3/4th of Blueblood hung out and got loose, while I took a walk around Austin. It was pretty intense.

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Anne Holub / Comments (2)

sxsw09 Sat Mar 21 2009

Heading South to SXSW 2009: Blueblood, Day 6

sxsw 2009 music chicago
[Our first couple of Austin updates from Thom of Blueblood regarding their Friday and Saturday shenanigans.]

The boys of Blueblood enjoy beer in a garden.

Austin, Day 1:
Left Denton early enough to drive 3 hours, check into our hotel and still have time to make it to the 14th annual Schubas party at Yard Dog on S. Congress.

This year's Schubas party was kind of weak in comparison to past parties. The line-up wasn't that exciting, and the attendance was down. The only band we wanted to see was our friends, Sybris.. But after downing what it seemed like 6 or 7 free vodka lemonades, we had to leave to make our first performance at the Co-Lab on the east side.

Thus missing Sybris, who went on after we left.

Aside from us four dudes, we squeezed Ryan from Catfish Haven and three of his friends into our van and dropped them off at another party on the way.

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Anne Holub

sxsw09 Sat Mar 21 2009

SXSW 2009 Tour Diary, Hood Internet, Day 3

sxsw 2009 music chicago
[Our Saturday update from STV SLV of The Hood Internet. More pictures after the jump!]

Friday was pretty action-packed. Got some breakfast at Torchy's Tacos (basically the Hot Doug's of tacos) which was awesome. Headed over to the Fader Fort early on to catch Coupleskate (Chicago, get familiar) and and Solid Gold (from Minneapolis). Walked over to Emo's from there for the Pitchfork/Windish party. Caught the end of Wavves, saw a little bit of King Khan, watched most of the Diplo/A-Trak set, they had the place moving for 5pm. Took an early evening breather and hit up the rooftop hot tub at the Omni, ended up getting pretty wasted which was advantageous seeing as Hood was off to DJ in-between bands all night at the FMLY party. We made it through, as evidenced by the above photo of ABX doing the damn thing. At some point in the night, JP from Bloodshot [Ed. note: and Transmission!] hit me with the news that Ethan from LOST is actually in town researching a movie role loosely based on Jon Langford. Maybe that's just a rumor, there's always a handful of those at SXSW. For example, Metallica playing Stubb's last night (true) or Kanye playing the Fader Fort tonight (unconfirmed as of press time). Anyway after the FMLY party we contemplated going out further, and were in front of the Omni when the Red Bull party bus pulled up, but apparently Kid Cudi was trying to fill it with LADIES ONLY, so that plus still being pretty throwed helped influence the decision to call it a night. Ran into Kevin Drew from Broken Social Scene on our way to find a cab!

Real quick shout out to our gracious host for the last couple days, Austin's own NEILIYO — get his new album for free on his website right now,

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Anne Holub

sxsw09 Fri Mar 20 2009

SXSW 2009 Tour Diary, Hood Internet, Day 2

sxsw 2009 music chicago
[Our next update from STV SLV. Keep an eye out for their tweets in our live blogging post all weekend long. Don't forget you can jump in the Tweets here, or send your own via Twitter by adding #gbsxsw.]

Bradley D (left) and Designer Drugs (right).

Thursday was good. Spent a good early part of the day at the Schubas party at Yard Dog. Highlights there were The Uglysuit (lots of hair, epic jams) and Lizzy Trullie. After we left, Matt from Schubas texted me that Ethan from LOST had rolled through momentarily. Spoiler: it was adult Ethan, not baby Ethan. Took an early evening nap before dinner at Chuy's, then headed off to Canvas for the Lose Control party. I believe we did some tweets from that. Our buddy Bradley D (pictured on left) tore it up for a bit, then the band Kap10Kurt hit the crowd with some live drums/keyboard/sampler jams, then it was Hood's turn to put a hurt on them, which we did for 30 hot minutes, followed up by Designer Drugs (pictured on right), and The Twelves closed out the party at Canvas. We watched some of them then headed over to Radio Room for the end of the Sub Pop showcase, Handsome Furs were playing and sounded pretty great. After that we tried to hit up the Fools Gold Records showcase but the line was a fools' errand as Blagg The Axman might say.

We're off for Friday fun, look out for twittings on that, then we got the show tonight at Hi-Lo with Ninjasonik et al.

Anne Holub / Comments (1)

sxsw09 Thu Mar 19 2009

SXSW 2009 Tour Diary, Hood Internet, Day 1

sxsw 2009 music chicago

[Our first update from DJ STV SLV of The Hood Internet as he touches down in Texas.]

Got into Austin on Wednesday night. Stopped by the Marq to say what up to fellow Chicagoan Bald Eagle who was doing a midnight set, then went over to Beso for the GigaCrate showcase where Tittsworth was DJing. Saw a dude there wearing pretty much the best t-shirt ever, (photo below). That's all for right now, gotta get some breakfast and head over to the Schubas party at Yard Dog. We play the Lose Control party at Canvas tonight around 10pm.


[Reminder: check out Transmission's Hood Internet live post all weekend long, starting tonight at 9pm. You can comment, or tweet in by using #gbsxsw.]

Tonight, Thursday, March 19 — Hood Internet plays at Canvas (105 E. 5th St.) for The Lose Control Party, 10pm.

Anne Holub

sxsw09 Thu Mar 19 2009

Heading South to SXSW 2009: Blueblood, Day 5

sxsw 2009 music chicago
[Thom of Blueblood gives us 2 updates today. The first a recap of their St. Pat's shenanigans. The next, a brief post before they cross the Austin City limits.]

First off- thank goodness for wide-mouthed Gatorade bottles.

We had a night off on Tuesday, so we planned to visit our friend, Randy in Kansas City. We drove to Randy's place in the Westport area, where some crazy St. Pats celebrating was happening. We walked towards the outdoor party on Westport Rd and Pennsylvania, and settled in the first bar we saw that did NOT have a line waiting to get in.

After each of us bought a round of PBR in a plastic cup... We decided to move on.

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Anne Holub

sxsw09 Thu Mar 19 2009

The Hood Internet, Live at SXSW 2009

sxsw 2009 music chicago
The Hood Internet will be live-blogging (well, live-tweeting mostly) their 2009 SXSW experience for us all weekend long, starting tonight. DJ STV SLV and ABX aren't on the official list this year, but they've got four gigs lined up anyway. Follow along as they broadcast their antics from down in Austin. Oh, and if you're in Austin and want to give a shout out, or you're in Chicago and just want to add your $.02 to the live-tweeting, just mark your entry #gbsxsw.

Here's the Hood Internet's schedule as it stands now, but you know they'll be playing more shows on the fly as well!

Thursday, March 19 — at Canvas (105 E. 5th St.) for The Lose Control Party, 10pm.

Friday, March 20 — at Hi-Lo (301 W. 6th St) w/ ninjasonik, death set, and more for THE FMLY AUSTIN BLOWOUT, on and off from 9pm on.

Saturday, March 21Red-Eyed Fly (715 Red River St.) w/ Chairlift, Titus Andronicus, Loney Dear and more for the COFFEE NO PANTS party -- hosted by Eugene Mirman 3-6pm then
Saturday night — at The Lodge (411 E. 6th St.) w/ Bald Eagle, Kid Color, Black Holes and Vyle for the IT'S CHICAGO party — they're on at 1am.

Andrew Huff / Comments (1)

sxsw09 Wed Mar 18 2009

Heading South to SXSW 2009: Blueblood, Day 4

sxsw 2009 music chicago
[The latest update from Thom of Blueblood as the boys shake off the road dust and head into Lincoln, NE on their way to SXSW 2009. This was their stop on Monday before they took a day off to celebrate St. Patrick's Day yesterday. BTW: if you Twitter, you can follow Blueblood there, too.]

Lincoln, Nebraska is a cute little town. The area the venue was located in, reminded me of old western movies. No tumble weeds rolled past us, unfortunately.

Arriving at the venue, we started playing the X-Men: Children of the Atom arcade game. Shaun dominated 17 matches. Each of the rest of us took turns losing to Shaun. Taking the role of Cyclops, Shaun used moves such as optic blasts, mega optic blasts, flying knee kicks and super upper cuts to squash his opponents. Using 15-hit combos really provided an advantage in winning. Golly- what a cool game. You know... if you remember the combos and moves from Street Fighter or even Mortal Kombat, they can work for X-Men as well, as well.

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Anne Holub

sxsw09 Tue Mar 17 2009

Heading South to SXSW 2009: Blueblood, Day 3

sxsw 2009 music chicago
[The boys are taking a day off from shows today in honor of their Irish heritage, but here's a snippit of what they were up to yesterday as they rolled into Iowa.]

Chinese pizza? What? That's crazy talk. Or is it? Fong's Pizza in Des Moines Iowa is one of a kind. Delicious drinks filled with 5 different kinds of rum, a cute friendly staff and egg rolls filled gooey muzzerella [sic], red sauce sausage and pepperoni. Sound like heaven to me. Pitchers of Kirin Lager were flowing seamlessly throughout the night, as were the "kamikaze" shots our wonderful server had suggested. When you do the "kamikaze" shots you must wear a bomber helmet that Vong's supplies. And believe you me, you need it. The lemony goodness goes down so smoothly that rounds and rounds were ordered, which our server gladly participated in. All in all Vong's gets an A+ in food, friendly staff and wondeful drinks. Thanks Fong's you made our stay in Des Moines a happy one. Oh, and we played Vaudeville Mews.


"A bomber helmet."

SXSW tour dates for Blueblood

March 13th- Milwaukee, WI, Frank's Power Plant
March 14th- Madison, WI, The Frequency
March 15th- Des Moines, IA, Vaudeville Mews
March 16th- Lincoln, NE, Box Awesome
March 17th- Kansas City, MO, (day off celebrating St. Pats.)
March 18th- Denton, TX, Dan's Silverleaf
March 19th- Austin, TX, Co-Lab Eastside Escape, 4pm
March 20th- Austin, TX, Brodown Hoedown II Day Party @ Back Alley Social, 2pm
March 21st- Austin, TX, Reggie's Chicago Day Party @ The Jackalope, 3pm

Anne Holub

sxsw09 Sun Mar 15 2009

Heading South to SXSW 2009, Blueblood, Day 2

sxsw 2009 music chicago
[The next installment from Thom of the band Blueblood as they travel from Chicago to Austin to play shows at SXSW.]

Day Two: Madison

Got into Wisconsin's capital, and were able to load all the gear through the alley.

We then visited Otis Redding's memorial. After that and a short walk in search of coffee, we parked near the venue and sorta slept, kinda, not really. Shaun, in the driver's seat decides that his button-down shirt should be sleeveless. So he ripped the sleeves off. Chippendale style.

We pretty much exhausted our tour of Madison, so sitting in the van was the most exciting thing to do at the time. Shaun and I drank a few beers, while Michael and Mark slept.

So, the show at The Frequency..

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Anne Holub / Comments (1)

sxsw09 Sat Mar 14 2009

Heading South to SXSW 2009, Blueblood, Day 1

sxsw 2009 music chicago
[Sent in this afternoon from Thom of Blueblood, who we'll be following for the next week or so as they make their way from Chicago to Austin to play at SXSW 2009.]

We arrived in Milwaukee by 6pm. We weren't schduled to load in until 9pm. We sat in Frank's Power Plant for few Sprecher micro lites. (So good). We then acted on a suggestion and made our to Palomino for dinner. Upon walking through the door, we see an old High School friend of mine and Michael's, Robyn Lucks. Robyn moved to Milwaukee about 3 years ago, and has since grown some roots in our fav city to the north. After a delicious, yet plentiful vegan dinner, we went back to Frank's. We arrived back at about 9pm. We were rushed to put our gear together witj a quickness, as they had to squeeze 4 bands in that night before 1am. Blueblood took the stage at 10pm sharp, and played 7 songs to a sparce room.

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Anne Holub

sxsw09 Fri Mar 13 2009

Heading South to SXSW 2009

sxsw 2009 music chicagoIn the past, we've followed a couple of musical groups down from Chicago to Austin for the annual music lovefest that is South By Southwest. This year is no different, as we get a virtual seat in the van with Chicago band Blueblood and once again get to sneak aboard the magic carpet ride with The Hood Internet. Keep your eye right here for daily updates, photos, and a very special liveblogging event later next week. If you're headed that direction yourself, keep an eye out for the many, many bands from the area headed to Austin this coming week.

Things actually get going today, as Blueblood heads to Milwaukee, WI to start off their southern adventure. More on the band, and their upcoming shows, after the jump.

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Anne Holub

sxsw09 Mon Feb 09 2009

Chicago Bands at SXSW 2009

sxsw 2009 music chicagoSXSW, the country's largest music festival, is featuring more than a dozen local bands at its official showcase concerts, plus many more from the region. Here's the full list of confirmed bands so far; more will no doubt be added closer to the festival, which runs March 18-22 (and a couple unofficial days before and after) in Austin, TX. See a list of confirmed local bands after the jump.

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Andrew Huff / Comments (4)

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Our Final Transmission Days

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